Friday, July 31, 2009

The One With The Fish

This is not Crenshaw...he wasn't very photogenic.

Two Christmas' ago the BF won a fish during a Dirty Santa party. He wouldn't take it home to his family so Crenshaw lived at my parents house while we both went back to school. My mom complained but she really loved him, and he entertained my dad in the mornings when no one else was awake...he talked to Crenshaw as much as he talks to the dog - and that's a lot. We'll today, (a year and a half after the party) Crenshaw died. Isn't that just the saddest thing!? I think it might be time for a new one...

The One About Texas

My baby brother is packing up to be a Freshman in Auburn, and my sister is coming back from Europe only to dive directly into school at Georgia again - but come August I'll still be here. I'm starting to get a little bit sad about having left Texas (and not being in college anymore). Why does it have to be so darn far away? light of that fact - my top ten things about Fort Worth (and Texas in general).

10. Everyone LOVES Texas. You can't over estimate the importance of Texans' confidence in themselves. If you live there long enough (I'd suggest 4 years...) it starts to rub off on you.

via Joanna B. Pinneo in National Geographic's Traveler

9. Cowboy boots. Cowboy b
oots are appropriate at all times in Texas, not so much in Alabama. In Alabama boots are for jeans or dresses, only come in brown, and only in the fall. In Texas boots are for jeans, dresses, shorts, bathing suits and can be worn year round. People have them customized with initials, colors and fraternity letters. There were a significant number or purple and white cowboy boots with SAE inlaid in the leather running around every Saturday. Mine are currently sitting in the closet lonely and desperate for love.

8. Road trips. Road trips in any other state are long and require many days of adventure. If you're driving over an hour and a half to get somewhere - you're spending the night. Not so in Texas, in Texas people road trip to Houston for the day (4 hours), they road trip to San Marcos for outlet mall shopping at Pottery Barn and William-Sonoma (3 and a half hours), and they road trip to Dallas (45 minutes) for Zoe's chicken salad and JD's Chippery Snickerdoodles....oh wait, that was me.

7. The weather is predictable. This might be making the top ten list because in Alabama it's currently pouring down rain...but at least you (generally) know what you're waking up to in Texas. It might be brutally hot, and incredibly humid but it rarely rains (3 times my entire Freshman year - once in the middle of the night).

6. There is always someone up for going out. Texans are not workaholics. (Maybe this is just college students...) If you want a mimosa at 11 am head to Taverna for bottomless $5 mimosas and bellinis. If you want a margarita after class at 3 pm - then stop in at Chimy's, Joe T's or Fuzzy's, if you want Cherry Vodka Sours or beer at night then you're going to Pete's, and if you're intention it to obliterate a bad day from memory then order a James' Special at The Cellar. If you want to drink in a bar that's fine but people also drink at the pool, drink at sporting events, even drink in the car (Eskimo Hut). Now I'm not saying Texans (or college students) are alcoholic....just that they're always up for a good time.

via Lara Richard on Time Record News

5. Cowboys. Lots and lots of cowboys. Fort Worth definitely has a country kind of charm - but we're still a city. Some people however, still take the cowboy thing seriously and it's no surprise to see men on their lunch breaks (in suits and ties) with cowboy hats on their heads. People own "dress boots" for formal occasions, and I've even seen a guy walk into Fuzzy's wearing spurs. The best time for crazy cowboy watching is during the annual rodeo and stock show...then cowboys come into Fort Worth from all over Texas.

4. Culture changes. In one (granted, GIANT) state - there are so many different kinds of people and places. Everything from the Riverwalk in San Antonio to Northpark Mall in Dallas. There's the monstrosity that is Houston...and the laid back charm of the Stockyards in Fort Worth. Hippie chicks with good taste in music in Austin and cowboys in west Texas. Generally, anything you could possibly want or need.

The Mexican food. OH MY GOSH. Not only is it delicious, but it's everywhere. There are taco bars, heavy family style restaurants, swanky upscale tex-mex, there are burrito chains, and huts on the side of the road, your best friend's mom makes the world's best tamales and margaritas show up everywhere from fraternity parties to TCU's "Senior Toast." Texas is the best place in the world to be hungry.

It's the most laid back place on Earth. The nicest restaurant in Fort Worth is in the Stockyards and there is absolutely no problem with walking in wearing jeans and a cowboy hat.

1. All my lovely friends. It's weird feeling like I live two different lives. I have friends here in Alabama but then I have a completely different set it Texas...and they don't over lap (with the exception of my fellow Texas transfer Ian). It's a HUGE bummer that I don't own a private plane and can't jet back and forth whenever I feel like it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The One With Pizza

recipe for this pizza is here

I have the coolest job. It's hard (like that time I had a ridiculous conference call) but the people I work with are all awesome and we get to do fun things like go to photo shoots filled with food, or have our end of the year party at Bottega, and today we're having a pizza party for lunch. Don't worry...If I didn't get to work here, I'd be jealous too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The One About Deliverance Dane

This is what I feel like my reading list is like...long and never ending - but so far I'm scooting through it (with the help of AMAZING books, like The Help). And I think this library card thing is going to work I'm excited for my unlimited supply of books that I don't actually have to purchase for myself.

Notice the change on the right of this blog? I switched books...I'm officially done with The Help (and SO sad about it) and have moved on to
The Physick Book Of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe. I haven't ACTUALLY started it yet because I finished The Help around midnight last night, but it's in my purse to read at case I actually get a legit amount of time to eat today.

If you are out by my office around noon and want to see me, stop in any number of restaurants...I'll be sitting by myself, reading my book. I know, I'm a nerd, but it's actually VERY should try it sometime.

P.S. It's sofa day...I know one guy in my life who is VERY excited about that.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The One With The Movie

Sometimes people read good books and then decide to make movies out of them. And a lot of the time the movies are really awful, like the fact that it's based on a popular book is going to make the movie people a billion dollars without really even trying.

(P.S. I Love You)
(The DaVinci Code - then Angels & Demons)

So, let's hope this one goes a little bit better.

So far Rachel McAdams has a pretty good track record.

(The Notebook)

But she dyed her hair pink and broke up with Ryan Gosling so obviously she's not all that brilliant...and therefore can't be trusted anymore.

BUT. Eric Bana is just...well, he's very good looking.

He's done some not so good things.

(The Other Boleyn Girl)

But, he's also done some pretty fabulous things.

(Finding Nemo)

But - so far this movie looks AMAZING. The trailer makes me want to cry already and I'm hoping this is going to be one of those chick flicks where I get a good cry in but still feel happy when I leave the theater.

Marley and Me)

Not one where I want to lie in bed all afternoon and feel depressed.

(Life is Beautiful)

I KNOW I'll like the characters...they're just so pretty. But who knows if they have anything halfway decent written on their million dollar scripts or were having a (soon to be discovered) problem with drug addiction during filming.

I guess we will see on August 14th. Emmy - I KNOW you hate chick flicks, but that's only because they make you blubber, so you should come with can bring your mom (and I'll bring mine).

Other movies to see this summer...

My Sister's Keeper
The Proposal
The Ugly Truth
Julie and Julia
Funny People

Movies NOT to see this summer...

The Orphan (who IS that creepy little girl??)

The One With The Conference Call

I've never been so tired in my life.

I just got off of a 5 hour (well 4 hour and 47 minute) conference call about the reporting suite that we run our client's website on. EXHAUSTING. I'm definitely looking forward to getting home, getting in bed and reading my amazing book (go buy The Help by Kathryn Stockett at B&N).

And after my very tiny nap (no nap at all...?) I'm going to the BF's for dinner. His brother's godparents are in town from Memphis so they're having a shindig. Delicious food all around.

That's all.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The One With The Sofa

disclaimer: This is not my sofa (sadly)

Our apartment is officially being graced with the presence of a SOFA on Wednesday. My roommate bought one from a woman who was replacing hers and we had to wait for the new one to arrive. BUT, it's coming on Wednesday - finally, a place to sit comfortably while watching TV....just in time for the best show ever.

I hung pictures this weekend, and spent some time getting my room cleaned up - I finally feel like it's coming together, that's a relief! Mom even says the drapes might be done this week.

Friday night I ate with the fam and then wen't to sleep. That's all.

Saturday I laid in the pool, hung some pictures, went to my friend's house-warming party and Billy's to see 8th Street (our friends' band).

Sunday I slept until noon, laid in the pool, and had a yummy Mexican dinner. It was the perfect weekend.

**Dawson - I finally got to start The Help this weekend. After Blackbird, I wanted to read the sequel (Still Waters). BUT I am now halfway through The Help, and I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN...I'm pretty sure this one is going to go quickly. That kind of makes me sad, I hate when good books end.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Final One About Shopping 'Round Here

So, this is the last of the posts about how to work The 3/50 Project into your life (unless I decide to do a series on DFW). I think this is a HUGE opportunity to keep some of these longtime, "part of the community" places hanging around. I mean, how sad would it be if 5 years from now little kids were asking to go to the McDonald's where Gilchrist used to be. Ok, MAYBE that's an exaggeration. But, in order to keep that from happening, or something equally horrible...remember when Arial's used to be where CVS is now...go out on Saturday and spend a few bucks in a local store.

The Ruby Begonia

If you're in Homewood...

At Home - This little shop in Homewood does everything from custom upholstery to silk floral. I could probably furnish ALMOST my whole house from this one store. One year I even bought my mom a wrought iron doormat (weird - yes, but she loved it).

The Ruby Begonia - This shop in Edgewood carries incredibly beautiful letterpress stationary and invitations. They can do everything from personal notecards to wedding stationary....all enviable.

Sam's Super Samwiches - "Samwiches" is not my typo. This has the world's best cheeseburgers. It's a teeny tiny little restaurant which is taken over by the large "kitchen" area but it's fun to order a burger, grapico and (delicious pellets of) ice to eat outside at the few tables, or inside at one of the few seats at the bar. It can definitely get crowded but it's delicious.

Soca - This store, which used to be downtown, is not located in the heart of Homewood. It houses a huge collection of jeans, and some cute tops, dresses and accessories - but be definitely pay attention to their return can be tricky.

Valley Cleaners - My family has been dropping our laundry at this cleaners since the dawn of time (or about 30 years ago) so I have to plug them. They're awesome. Right across the street from Homewood Park, I'm sure they were convenient 25 years ago when my parents had a baby house in Edgewood...but my dad would rather wash his own clothes with a bucket of soap than switch now.

Carriage House - Anyone Any girl who has ever driven down Oxmoor Road knows the fabulousness of this shop, there is really nothing else to say. The always have beautiful displays...perfect for when you get stuck at the traffic light right in front.

Bella Bridesmaids - Not only did I buy my Ball of Roses dress in this little shop, but I'll be forcing all of my bridesmaids to order from here too. They were so unbelievably helpful (even scouting out a broach for me to wear with my dress) and have the most amazing selection. Granted, they have some other stores, but I think they count as local...they certainly have a small town, worried about making you happy, feel.

The Commisary

If you're elsewhere....

The Commisary - On Overton, this shop is out on its own but it has some of the most unique pieces in Birmingham. They focus on furniture but also include fabulous accessories, gifts and jewelry. I bought a pair of gold earrings there that I wear all the time, and it takes A LOT to get me to change out my jewelry.

Firefly's and Fairtales - A children's shop filled with adorable clothes, a monstrous amount of hairbows and some precious art and frames for the nursery. It's a little ways down 280 (in Lee Branch) but it's really adorable!

Bellini's - This restaurant is in a shopping center with another location of Cantina and an Edgar's (more on that later) which is right down Highway 119, off of 280. I've never actually eaten here but the menu looks delicious...if a bit pricey. I wouldn't put it on here though if I hadn't heard good things. Let me know if any of you have visted.

Edgar's Old Style Bakery - Delicious. My mom loves their slaw but I'm more partial to the side of fruit. Order the Wild Turkey or the Cranapple Jack if you're there for lunch. Order cake, any kind, if you're there for a snack. There's a location in Pelham, one on 119 and the original in the Colonnade.

Zona Rosa (also known as Mexico Lindo) - This restaurant was originally located next to PT's on Hollywood Blvd but moved to the old River Market Deli building off of Overton after some genius decided to (try to) build some condos. It's my all time favorite. They have delicious food, for a good price (ESPECIALLY if you're comparing to the hoity toitiness of La Paz, Cocina Superior, etc.) Everyone should go.

The Carriage House

Friday, July 24, 2009

The One With Nothing

The perfect place to veg for a weekend - anyone want to build me one?
via Home Sweet Home

Things that will DEFINITELY make it into my weekend...

- PJ's
- My parent's pool and the floats dad fished out of the basement
- Some under-a-blanket, in pj's, reading time
- Watching our friends cover songs Saturday night at Billy's on Overton
- Hanging some things on the wall's in my apartment

Things that MIGHT make it into my weekend...

- My friend's house warming party (is that this weekend or next?)
- Shopping for some cute (and marked down) flats.
- Getting a washer and dryer (although, carrying large appliances upstairs to my apartment won't be...that's reserved for the men in my life)
- Playing with my monstrosity of a camera

Things that WON'T make it into my weekend...

- Traveling anywhere, for any reason
- Cleaning
- (Hopefully) rain and temperatures over 90 degrees

The One With All The Wonderful People

To those of you in Fort Worth this weekend...Hi. I love you, and I'm missing y'all this weekend. Enjoy it...even if it would be better with me there. I'm expecting lots of good stories, we should just consider this the warm-up for when I head out there in the fall. Have a drink for me.

P.S. I was going to put the picture on here that was a little more organized and pretty...but this seemed more appropriate.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Second One About Buying Local

via Wildflower Designs

In an effort to keep these posts short(ish) and sweet, I'm breaking them here is the second section of this. I would love your comments on other places to shop locally. I know Birmingham has wonderful stores, but a lot of them are tucked into the strangest places.

If you're downtown...

Urban Standard - The world's most delicious strawberry cupcakes. They also have a fabulous grilled cheese and their Super Foods Salad is amazing. It's a precious cafe with a little side store of goodies. It's the perfect place for a girls lunch and to pick up a little something for your home. It carries everything from antique maps to beautiful vases.

26 - Apparently they have some of the best sushi in Birmingham (which, granted, isn't saying a lot compared to Ft. Worth) but I think it is pretty delicious. 26 is known for it's amazing seafood, as is it's sister restaurant Ocean.

Peck and Hills - This shop is owned by Ed Grier who also runs a shop in Homewood. The selection is almost ridiculous but they always have pretty things and are very helpful. I found some beautiful paintings I wanted in there but I'm not really in the market for original art.

What's On Second - This shop has a crazy selection of anything and everything. Vintage and new. Prints and original art. It's very focused on Birmingham itself and the downtown area. This shop is definitely one to stop in on a Saturday afternoon if you're in the browsing mood.

Levy's Fine Jewelry - Better than Bromberg's, this store carries new and vintage. Levy's is not only the best place to look for jewelry but it's the best place to get it fixed too. The staff is unbelievably helpful. It's all family run which makes dealing with different people a breeze.

Bottega Cafe - I know I'm a weirdo, because everyone loves Highlands Bar & Grill (and don't get me wrong, so do I...a lot) but Bottega Cafe is so much more relaxed. AND they have delicious food. This is definitely my second favorite (sometimes first favorite) Frank Stitt restaurant. The mac and cheese, crab cakes and pizza are amazing...and you don't feel like you need to be all dolled up to relax in a corner booth.

If you're in Pepper Place (because they deserve their own section)...

Cantina - This mexican restaurant has great, funky food and it's in such a wonderful location. Right in Pepper Place, this patio is the perfect spot for summer evenings. The one downside is you have to order drinks and food from the bar, but they let you leave your tab open, so the extra trips from the table are really just helping you work off the two tacos you just ate (fish, brisket, pulled pork?).

Bettola - I haven't actually tried this restaurant but it was listed in Garden and Gun as one the top restaurants to try in their article about Birmingham, so I figured I would include it in the list. Let me know if any of you have made this stop.

Atmosphere Home Essentials
- This store always has the cutest things in their windows! It's definitely a cute place to stop for something funky to liven up your living room (my apartment is in desperate need of some things from this shop).

The Interiors Market - This is a must stop for my mom, who actually has some dollars to spend on decorating, but it's fun to browse the market...and they always have fun things to dream about. Sometimes you can find great, and not too expensive, things.

Wildflower Designs - A definite contender for anyone looking to send flowers, decorate for a wedding or party, or (spend their extra money) on fresh flowers for their home. The images at the top are ones from their gallery...wouldn't you just love to find this at your front door?

via Atmosphere Home Essentials

The One About The Washer & Dryer

Last night my mom called me at midnight to inform me that she had found me a washer and dryer. It was on Craigslist, listed for $20 for the set, and needed to be picked up by noon today. WHAT? She said that the timer on the dryer didn't work and that the washer shook a lot but she didn't seem to think that was a big deal. I told her that if she wanted to buy it, get it to my apartment and up the stairs (I live in a 3 story walk-up) she could do it, and we would see if it would even work. I said hopefully it would, let me know how it goes, and thanks.

So - this morning the BF came to my apartment to meet the internet man while I went to work. Sweet boy has been at my apartment for 3 days straight trying to get the internet to work....but that's not the point. So, because he was there, I called my mom to find out the status of the washer-dryer situation in case they were going to be headed that way with giant appliances (aka to warn the BF to get the hell away from my apartment before he got enlisted into the crazy people moving service).

The status of the washer dryer? Dad vetoed. He told my mom she was nuts, no normal person would sell a washer and dryer for $20 if they were worth anything at all, and he was not driving to get them on the trailer and haul them into my apartment.

So that's where we stand. Thoughts on finding a cheap washer a dryer? I would LOVE the sweet baby blue energystar ones from Lowe's but somehow I don't think my parent's are going to spend $1,700 on my new washer and dryer. Aren't they pretty?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The One With The Smart Shopping

via Dystopos on Flickr

First - we're getting there with the blog changing, I fixed some of the coloring already so hopefully it's easier to read and tonight I'll be switching up the header, hopefully! Sorry...I can't promise anything.

Second - I added a button on the side of the blog for The 3/50 Project. You should all check it out. And because I am in Birmingham, home of über cute shops...I'll give you a few suggestions for places to spend your next $50.

If you're in the villages (Mountain Brook, Crestline, English)....

Amano - This precious store (in Mountain Brook Village) has everything for gift giving. They carry a lot of wonderful handmade pottery (my future place settings), and beautiful vases. After Carly passed away my sister bought me a really beautiful clay cross that sits on my dresser now. It's definitely a good place to find little "happys" for friends, and gifts for graduations, housewarmings, hostesses, birthdays, even new babies.

Susan G Matthews - This shop carries clothing, jewelry, shoes and bags. They can be a little pricey but the clothing is always beautiful. Right in the heart of Mountain Brook Village, it's a good place to look for anything from a pretty party dress to a casual t-shirt.

Once Upon A Time - The most precious baby gifts that ever graced this planet. Such sweet items and such a sweet shop in general. The store is in Crestline Village on Country Club Park, and is definitely worth stopping in.

Continental Bakery and Chez LuLu - The most delicious bagels ever. This bakery is right up the street from Joe Muggs in English Village and right around the corner from Mountain Brook Village and it houses some of the best baked goods I have ever tasted. It would definitely be a fun pit stop on a walk through Mountain Brook.

Little Hardware - The end all be all for hardware. It's more expensive the Lowe's or Home Depot but they are certainly more helpful. It has a definite small town feel, with lots of things to peruse.

Leaf n Petal - This store has three locations, out by the Summit, in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and in Mountain Brook Village but the Botanical Gardens store is my favorite. They have great ornaments at Christmas and beautiful accessories for the home. In their other locations they also function as a plant shop.

Oak Street Garden Shop - Leaf n Petal might have great accessories, and carry plants, but my favorite plant shop is and always will be Oak Street Garden Shop in Crestline Village. Oak Street also owns a sweet farmer's market type area now too - you should definitely check that out.

Olexa's - The all-time best cake. This is pretty high on my fictional to-do after engagement list...right after register at Williams-Sonoma for a baby blue mixer, and book the world's most amazing photographer. This place is TO DIE FOR. This is where we get my sister's birthday cake every year (her's is over Thanksgiving...mine is not, bummer). You should go try a piece, right now (or go to any recent wedding in Birmingham).

Marguerite's Conciets - The best place for girly gifts. Lotions, bath goodies, picture frames, bath robes, pj's. This is where you should be if you're looking to buy your best friend a gift. They also have beautiful bedding which I tried to convince my mom to spend loads of money on for my twin DORM ROOM bedding...I got shot down.

Marella - Located in Mountain Brook Village, after leaving it's original home in Homewood, this store has a little bit of everything. My favorites in Marella are always the jeans (they have a HUGE selection for such a tiny store) and the accessories. They have great jewelry, bags and belts.

Gilchrist - Best grilled cheese in town. Order a limeade to go with it and pick up a baggie of sour powers at the counter when you pay. This little restaurant is in Mountain Brook Village so if you opt to go on a parent-teacher conference afternoon you'll be fighting with 10-year-olds for the very few tables...don't worry, it's worth it.

This idea really is incredible. Imagine how much we could do for our little city (and Birmingham too) if we shopped locally more often. I'm not saying I don't LOVE the Summit, but really - we could steer clear of it every once in awhile. It wouldn't be a HUGE deal to make the effort to buy things that benefit our community more. Because this post is obviously insanely long...I'll be adding to it in the next couple of days, after all - Mountain Brook isn't the only area of Birmingham with awesome shopping.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The One With The Top Ten

Let me tell you something about my job - it involves food, and LOTS of it. Sometimes it's the behind the scenes things and that's gross...but sometimes is DELICIOUS. We've been shooting more food shots this week, but I've been on these shoots since my internship started 3 years ago, so here's my top ten list of things we've shot for work (ever). Get ready for a watering mouth...

Chocolate Toffee Pumpkin Torte

Outrageous Yankee Cheesecake with Citrus Glaze

Gingerbread Spoon Cake

Black and Blue Tenderloin Sandwiches

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Over Lime Butter Sauced Pasta

Savannah Strawberry Tall Cake

Linguini with Asparagus, Blue Cheese and Sauteed Walnuts

Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

Paula's Pumpkin Hummus

Grilled Vidalia Onion Steaks with a Honey Dressing

Did you notice the amount that are of desserts, and that the top three all involve massive amounts of sugar? Yum. All of these images were taken by Liesa Cole at Omni Studios (same as yesterday) - isn't she fabulous. I've been hungry ALL DAY. SO sorry Kirbs...this is all I can think about today, I would worry about it more if I thought you actually needed to be on a diet.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The One With The Photoshoot

The beginning of this week (Monday and Tuesday) I'm on a photoshoot down at Omni. We're doing food and decor for our client's site and it's delicious. There's less down time with Julia out and I'm being occupied this week with food, and lots of it - but I leave you with this....yummy.

via Liesa Cole (Omni Studios)

Friday, July 17, 2009

The One With The Baby

Remember that time I told you my boss was trying NOT to have her baby yet...well, she's having the baby. She called into work this morning to say they were being admitted to the hospital and she would be induced today or tomorrow. Right now they are just running a bunch of tests so hope for the best in that situation! So, while they've gotten past the part where it's REALLY scary, Perron is still just a little bit and will need some time in the NICU after he is born. Basically - continue with the praying. Pray for my boss and the baby - but also pray for me because OH HOLY HELL, I'm taking over far that is VERY stressful.

ALSO - remember that other time that I told you I was thinking about changing the way my blog looks...we'll count on that this weekend, I'm finally getting some time to sit down and work on it and so hopefully I'm going to get mine done as well as come up with some cute things for Dawson. I'm excited, inDesign and I are very good friends.

And I have one question. I'm not sure how many people actually read this - BUT have any of you ever lived in a place where the walls were made of plaster? I'm trying to hang some things on my walls but the picture hanger things I bought (at my father's suggestion) make part of the wall fall off. That's weird right? Any suggestions??

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The One With The Cool Website

One of my good friends, Kirbie, is working out in L.A and she frequently posts on the blog of the business she is interning for. She works for Chic Events and so naturally their blog is called My Chic Life. Recently the blog highlighted a website called Velocity Art and Design that has - literally - thousands of things on it (useful and not) but prices that are sometimes close to within my budget (read...not crazily overpriced). The site includes art (some original, some prints), tabletop, fun and useless items, frames, etc. Not only are there a few things I would love to have in my not so beautifully furnished apartment, but because there are a million, varied things to look at, the site is fun to "window shop" too. It would be perfect for baby gifts, especially if the baby would love a glass piggy bank like the one above, or a birthday present, or just presents for me. They even have this ring that is also on the MOMA site, and I've been looking at it for a few YEARS now, that's a LONG time for me. Basically, the point is, if you want something fabulous for your apartment, or your friend, or yourself - this would be a great place to look! Your lucky if you're my friend because I already have a few things in mind...
Blue Wave by Amanda KavanaghGreeting cards for friend's birthdays (to go with their gift from Velocity)Forget Me Not ring

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The One Where We Go To The Lake

Jori's family was SUPER wonderful this weekend and allowed us to go down to Lake Martin and hang out in their house. It was fun - we got some sun, and had a few drinks and generally had a wonderful time. I have the best friends - and we're generally ridiculous, so here are the pictures, which is really all I can do to explain. When I left TCU and Fort Worth I was pretty sure that the end of college was also the end of "fake world", apparently not.

There was tubing...
and a few minor injuries...some abuse...many hugs... photos taken while no one was paying dance party...and when it was all said and done we still like each other.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The One About Health Insurance

I have a real job, and they let me have incredible health insurance which is über nice of them but terrifying to deal with. The woman in charge is coming into the office tomorrow to help us get everything, what? I have to fill out a massive stack of paperwork. This is officially out of my league, I don't do bureaucracy and form-filling-out and technicalities well. If I mess one of the forms up and then get run over by a deer in my wooded office building complex, what happens then? Do I still have insurance to pay for the plastic surgeon who is going to sew up the holes where my deer friend stuck me with his antlers? Sorry, imagination running wild...I'm very nervous about being a real life grownup.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The One With The Budget

Before I actually had my own blog - I was a blog stalker. I've been reading Pearls of Wit for a few weeks now (thanks for the suggestion Dawson) and today she had something amazing. I've already signed up, and organized it all so I can say for sure...this thing is genious. Mint must have been created by a. a billionaire computer whiz or b. a broke computer whiz. It catalogs all of your purchases (you give the website your banking information) and breaks them up into catagories. You can create a budget for each of these catagories, and attempt to stick to it. It even makes a pie chart of what you spend where. I even inputted the information for my 401k. I'm going to be trying to stick with this (it sends me emails if I go over budget, those I am dreading) and hopefully it'll keep all of my finances in order. Finances are the bain of my existence, why I am not a billionaire I do not know. Apparently Mint is going to make it easy though. So far I have learned...

a. My rent and utilities are a HUGE portion of my paycheck, bummer.

b. I go out A LOT, on Mint I have to split it up into "Food and Dining" (food...and dining) and "Going Out" (basically any alcohol related activity) to make myself feel better about it.

c. I am poor. I need to quit going to The Summit, immediately.

d. Apartments are pricey (not just the rent) - it costs a small fortune just to make it livable. Target and I have gotten to be great friends.

So - because I obviously have all of my financial ducks in a row, I'm suggesting that you use this lovely little contraption to get yours that way too. Hopefully this will be in lieu of the Dave Ramsey seminar my dad wanted to send me too, he got a little ornery after mom started telling him how much I was spending out in Texas...oops.

**UPDATE: officially has an iPhone app, I'm downloading it now.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The One About Cabin Fever

My dad works for a company the publishes magazines, most of which are about homes. Our house has always been covered in them, and I usually flip through but rarely do I actually read an article or pay any real attention. Maybe it's because I just moved into an apartment, I don't know - but this house is beautiful. It's designed by Bill Ingram who is from Birmingham. The house is on Lake Martin and is really more of a house on a lake than a lake house - but who knows if that just made any sense. Without further ado - I present to you, my dream vacation home (minus the bedding in the bedroom, I don't know - it's just not me).

via Southern Accents
For future reference - this is a little more "lake house" and a little less "house on a lake." This is Bill Ingram's first house of Lake Martin, he apparently felt the need for a MAJOR upgrade.