Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Second One About Buying Local

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In an effort to keep these posts short(ish) and sweet, I'm breaking them here is the second section of this. I would love your comments on other places to shop locally. I know Birmingham has wonderful stores, but a lot of them are tucked into the strangest places.

If you're downtown...

Urban Standard - The world's most delicious strawberry cupcakes. They also have a fabulous grilled cheese and their Super Foods Salad is amazing. It's a precious cafe with a little side store of goodies. It's the perfect place for a girls lunch and to pick up a little something for your home. It carries everything from antique maps to beautiful vases.

26 - Apparently they have some of the best sushi in Birmingham (which, granted, isn't saying a lot compared to Ft. Worth) but I think it is pretty delicious. 26 is known for it's amazing seafood, as is it's sister restaurant Ocean.

Peck and Hills - This shop is owned by Ed Grier who also runs a shop in Homewood. The selection is almost ridiculous but they always have pretty things and are very helpful. I found some beautiful paintings I wanted in there but I'm not really in the market for original art.

What's On Second - This shop has a crazy selection of anything and everything. Vintage and new. Prints and original art. It's very focused on Birmingham itself and the downtown area. This shop is definitely one to stop in on a Saturday afternoon if you're in the browsing mood.

Levy's Fine Jewelry - Better than Bromberg's, this store carries new and vintage. Levy's is not only the best place to look for jewelry but it's the best place to get it fixed too. The staff is unbelievably helpful. It's all family run which makes dealing with different people a breeze.

Bottega Cafe - I know I'm a weirdo, because everyone loves Highlands Bar & Grill (and don't get me wrong, so do I...a lot) but Bottega Cafe is so much more relaxed. AND they have delicious food. This is definitely my second favorite (sometimes first favorite) Frank Stitt restaurant. The mac and cheese, crab cakes and pizza are amazing...and you don't feel like you need to be all dolled up to relax in a corner booth.

If you're in Pepper Place (because they deserve their own section)...

Cantina - This mexican restaurant has great, funky food and it's in such a wonderful location. Right in Pepper Place, this patio is the perfect spot for summer evenings. The one downside is you have to order drinks and food from the bar, but they let you leave your tab open, so the extra trips from the table are really just helping you work off the two tacos you just ate (fish, brisket, pulled pork?).

Bettola - I haven't actually tried this restaurant but it was listed in Garden and Gun as one the top restaurants to try in their article about Birmingham, so I figured I would include it in the list. Let me know if any of you have made this stop.

Atmosphere Home Essentials
- This store always has the cutest things in their windows! It's definitely a cute place to stop for something funky to liven up your living room (my apartment is in desperate need of some things from this shop).

The Interiors Market - This is a must stop for my mom, who actually has some dollars to spend on decorating, but it's fun to browse the market...and they always have fun things to dream about. Sometimes you can find great, and not too expensive, things.

Wildflower Designs - A definite contender for anyone looking to send flowers, decorate for a wedding or party, or (spend their extra money) on fresh flowers for their home. The images at the top are ones from their gallery...wouldn't you just love to find this at your front door?

via Atmosphere Home Essentials

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