Friday, September 17, 2010

The One About Football

I was raised in the South, and when you're raised in the South you learn that the only thing that is socially acceptable on a Saturday in the fall is football, and that football requires an outfit. One you thought about prior to Saturday morning. It's a fact.

...unless of course you're rooting for Florida or Tennessee, then I'm not sure WHAT you learned or why you're wearing those jean shorts with a t-shirt that is missing it's sleeves.

But - back to the point.

If I were going to be anywhere fun this weekend (i.e. anywhere hosting reasonably entertaining football) I would need a good outfit. So here they are - straight from dream world.

TCU is playing Baylor and believe it or not, it'll actually be a big game in Fort Worth. Now, hopefully we'll score about 1,000 points on the Bears, but students will be out tailgating for sure...and tailgating requires a cute outfit. This one is perfect. Lots of purple, good boots, and cute but simple jewelry.


Last year I picked this for the first Georgia football game. I figured a new year required something a little bit sparklier - is sparklier a word? It should be. Maybe that will influence our team to be a bit sparklier on the field, since right now we're looking pretty dull.


The best part about wayfarers is that they come in almost every important color - red and purple included.

Other than watching football...I'll be laying by the pool, celebrating engagements, and loving on friends who I haven't seen in a while. We're all planning on grabbing brunch tomorrow morning which makes me REALLY happy. Hopefully at that point at least one of my engaged friends will have made a final decision on her dress - keep your fingers crossed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The One From Maira Kalman

I'm kind of in love this new-to-me blog (via sfgirlbybay) from the SUPER talented and creative Maira Kalman. If it's too tiny, you can enlarge the image by clicking on it.

The blog is from The New York Times and called "And the Pursuit of Happiness" which began as a documentation of Kalman's trip to the inauguration this past January. It's published on the last Friday of each month and highlights an American icon. The image above comes from her post on Benjamin Franklin, and you can click here to see the most recent post, on George Washington.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The One With The Jacket

I'm in LOVE with this jacket. Does anyone out there owe me an extravagant gift? I would really appreciate it if this would show up at my house without me actually forking over any money for the gorgeousness.


Also - I'm contemplating this berry lipstick. Do we think this berry thing is legitimate? Its definitely a fall color, maybe it would feel lighter and less heavy in a gloss? If I looked like Drew Barrymore I might feel a little bit more confident in this color choice.

On another note...I'm exhausted. There is entirely too much going on at work and when I get home literally all I want to do is sit down and get my brain back to a functioning position. I come home every night feeling like I got hit by a bus. Is everyone else swamped too or is it just us lucky folks who work for CPG brands gearing up for the holiday season?

Speaking of - thinking about Christmas on September 1 is just awkward.