Friday, October 29, 2010

The One From The Army

Everyday, Real Simple sends me a newsletter on a random topic. Sometimes it's 5 or 6 pretty candy dishes - which I ignore - or a way to clean inside a muffin tin - which I also ignore - but today...the email was about "Everyday Carryalls." And now I want this bag, from Free People, which is made out of recycled Army surplus blankets. Very cool.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The One About Fall

It's finally here.

Sort of.

It's been a little bit back a forth, but I think this weekend might be the turning point. Halfway through October and we're finally hitting 75 degrees.

Fall is the time of year for cider, and sweaters, football, fires and boots. Fall is when everything you cook should have cinnamon and nutmeg in it. Fall is when you stop using the air conditioning, but don't have to turn on the heat just yet. Fall is for blankets and leggings and soup, and for sleeping in socks.

And so, my list of things that are absolutely, no questions asked, going to get done this fall.

1. I'm going to take up baking. Well, cooking in general, but specifically baking. On a recent photoshoot we shot a new recipe for an unbelievable spice cake. It's definitely on the list. Along with trying out this recipe for Apple Cider Donuts from Smitten Kitchen.

2. First and foremost - as the weather changes, so must my wardrobe. I found this adorable sweater which is sure to be my absolute favorite to snuggle into. Now I just need to purchase it - from Shopbop, by Vince. Donations accepted.

3. I'm planning on spending some quality time reading a book. It's almost the time of year when I walk out of my office and it's already dark. Those are the nights that call for soup, pajamas and curling up on the couch. I'm planning on the Stieg Larsson trilogy, apparently I'm behind the eight-ball on this one.

4. Fall doesn't officially begin until it's cold enough for a Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks. Maybe Saturday is the day.

5. I want to carve a pumpkin. Is that weird? After I carve a pumpkin, I want to make ridiculously delicious Pepita Brittle from Paula Deen...what are the chances I could actually make homemade caramel? EH. Maybe I'm better off with the Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds.

6. I don't know if I mentioned it (probably not since I'm the world's worst blogger), but I've been working with this running group and the eventual goal is to run a 10k. Do you know how far that is? FAR. But, Tuesday morning I ran 4 miles, which I would have told you was basically impossible 2 months ago. My only major issue right now is the 5:30am meeting time, and the fact that as it is going to get colder.

7. I want to host a dinner party. Doesn't that sound fun? People would get dressed up (I mean, more than a t-shirt and sweatpants) and gather for food that I made. I think it might be the best way to use some of the many recipes I think sound delicious, but never make time to actually try. I think these Plums with Prosciutto, Goat Cheese, Baby Arugula and Champagne Vinegar sound kind of awesome as an appetizer. Super long name - but they don't look too difficult. I'm also thinking this recipe for Jalapeño-Goat Cheese Hush Puppies sounds pretty delicious, and apparently it's an appetizer! No basket o' fried shrimp required. Now I just need to come up with something yummy as an entrée.

8. I need to do a big Fall cleaning this weekend - so that's definitely on the to-do list. I need one of those professional organizing people to come over and get my life straightened up. That, or someone who has some sort of sick love for folding clothes.

9. I'm on the hunt for a good pair of boots. I bought an incredibly inexpensive pair at Target last year and have worn them into the ground, it's time for a replacement.

10. And, in order to have a truly successful Fall - you must have a truly successful Halloween. Decisions on a costume need to be made pronto. Thoughts?

So, hopefully we're going to stick to all of these things in the next couple of months. We'll see how it goes. This weekend just might be the weekend I get numbers 1, 4, 5, 8 and 10 finished. That sounds mighty productive, huh?