Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The One With The Jacket

I'm in LOVE with this jacket. Does anyone out there owe me an extravagant gift? I would really appreciate it if this would show up at my house without me actually forking over any money for the gorgeousness.


Also - I'm contemplating this berry lipstick. Do we think this berry thing is legitimate? Its definitely a fall color, maybe it would feel lighter and less heavy in a gloss? If I looked like Drew Barrymore I might feel a little bit more confident in this color choice.

On another note...I'm exhausted. There is entirely too much going on at work and when I get home literally all I want to do is sit down and get my brain back to a functioning position. I come home every night feeling like I got hit by a bus. Is everyone else swamped too or is it just us lucky folks who work for CPG brands gearing up for the holiday season?

Speaking of - thinking about Christmas on September 1 is just awkward.

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