Friday, September 17, 2010

The One About Football

I was raised in the South, and when you're raised in the South you learn that the only thing that is socially acceptable on a Saturday in the fall is football, and that football requires an outfit. One you thought about prior to Saturday morning. It's a fact.

...unless of course you're rooting for Florida or Tennessee, then I'm not sure WHAT you learned or why you're wearing those jean shorts with a t-shirt that is missing it's sleeves.

But - back to the point.

If I were going to be anywhere fun this weekend (i.e. anywhere hosting reasonably entertaining football) I would need a good outfit. So here they are - straight from dream world.

TCU is playing Baylor and believe it or not, it'll actually be a big game in Fort Worth. Now, hopefully we'll score about 1,000 points on the Bears, but students will be out tailgating for sure...and tailgating requires a cute outfit. This one is perfect. Lots of purple, good boots, and cute but simple jewelry.


Last year I picked this for the first Georgia football game. I figured a new year required something a little bit sparklier - is sparklier a word? It should be. Maybe that will influence our team to be a bit sparklier on the field, since right now we're looking pretty dull.


The best part about wayfarers is that they come in almost every important color - red and purple included.

Other than watching football...I'll be laying by the pool, celebrating engagements, and loving on friends who I haven't seen in a while. We're all planning on grabbing brunch tomorrow morning which makes me REALLY happy. Hopefully at that point at least one of my engaged friends will have made a final decision on her dress - keep your fingers crossed.


  1. i love your blog posts about clothes! they make me realize how a) i need to go shopping and b) how i wish i could spend more time on polyvore. maybe when i'm caught up with school?? i'll let you know what i'd wear to.....oh wait - i have nowhere to go! efffff.

  2. oh friend, you're about to get married - start planning your honeymoon outfits - foreign countries require really good clothes.