Thursday, July 23, 2009

The One About The Washer & Dryer

Last night my mom called me at midnight to inform me that she had found me a washer and dryer. It was on Craigslist, listed for $20 for the set, and needed to be picked up by noon today. WHAT? She said that the timer on the dryer didn't work and that the washer shook a lot but she didn't seem to think that was a big deal. I told her that if she wanted to buy it, get it to my apartment and up the stairs (I live in a 3 story walk-up) she could do it, and we would see if it would even work. I said hopefully it would, let me know how it goes, and thanks.

So - this morning the BF came to my apartment to meet the internet man while I went to work. Sweet boy has been at my apartment for 3 days straight trying to get the internet to work....but that's not the point. So, because he was there, I called my mom to find out the status of the washer-dryer situation in case they were going to be headed that way with giant appliances (aka to warn the BF to get the hell away from my apartment before he got enlisted into the crazy people moving service).

The status of the washer dryer? Dad vetoed. He told my mom she was nuts, no normal person would sell a washer and dryer for $20 if they were worth anything at all, and he was not driving to get them on the trailer and haul them into my apartment.

So that's where we stand. Thoughts on finding a cheap washer a dryer? I would LOVE the sweet baby blue energystar ones from Lowe's but somehow I don't think my parent's are going to spend $1,700 on my new washer and dryer. Aren't they pretty?


  1. you need those. seriously. i'm SURE cindy would go for it.

  2. yeah, it's an investment. those will last forever! you can take them with you wherever you go! what about checking out garage sales?