Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The One With The Movie

Sometimes people read good books and then decide to make movies out of them. And a lot of the time the movies are crappy...like really awful, like the fact that it's based on a popular book is going to make the movie people a billion dollars without really even trying.

(P.S. I Love You)
(The DaVinci Code - then Angels & Demons)

So, let's hope this one goes a little bit better.

So far Rachel McAdams has a pretty good track record.

(The Notebook)

But she dyed her hair pink and broke up with Ryan Gosling so obviously she's not all that brilliant...and therefore can't be trusted anymore.

BUT. Eric Bana is just...well, he's very good looking.

He's done some not so good things.

(The Other Boleyn Girl)

But, he's also done some pretty fabulous things.

(Finding Nemo)

But - so far this movie looks AMAZING. The trailer makes me want to cry already and I'm hoping this is going to be one of those chick flicks where I get a good cry in but still feel happy when I leave the theater.

Marley and Me)

Not one where I want to lie in bed all afternoon and feel depressed.

(Life is Beautiful)

I KNOW I'll like the characters...they're just so pretty. But who knows if they have anything halfway decent written on their million dollar scripts or were having a (soon to be discovered) problem with drug addiction during filming.

I guess we will see on August 14th. Emmy - I KNOW you hate chick flicks, but that's only because they make you blubber, so you should come with me...you can bring your mom (and I'll bring mine).

Other movies to see this summer...

My Sister's Keeper
The Proposal
The Ugly Truth
Julie and Julia
Funny People

Movies NOT to see this summer...

The Orphan (who IS that creepy little girl??)


  1. Oh! Love that book too. I can't wait to see the movie and how they do it. I wish we could check off some of those movies together. My Sister's Keeper is great. Cried. But it was okay. It is a good bit different from book (have you read it? if not, you have to) but I guess you can't put all the stuff in the book.I must say on MS'sK...the casting and acting was really really good and so convincing. ahhhhh WHY AREN"T WE IN THE SAME CITY?!!! I would prefer this convo be on a walk or over coffee. aggghhh

  2. You know I refused to see the Notebook? After I cried hysterically reading the book, I just couldn't do it. And it wasn't just one tear, either. BUT 4/5 of those movies I'd LOVE to see (and I bet you can guess which one it ISN'T!). And about The Time Traveler's Wife....it looks weird, but maybe that's because I didn't read the book...

    And Dawson - YES you need to be here. We miss you TERRIBLY

  3. AW!! I miss you too. Come home to visit!