Monday, July 27, 2009

The One With The Sofa

disclaimer: This is not my sofa (sadly)

Our apartment is officially being graced with the presence of a SOFA on Wednesday. My roommate bought one from a woman who was replacing hers and we had to wait for the new one to arrive. BUT, it's coming on Wednesday - finally, a place to sit comfortably while watching TV....just in time for the best show ever.

I hung pictures this weekend, and spent some time getting my room cleaned up - I finally feel like it's coming together, that's a relief! Mom even says the drapes might be done this week.

Friday night I ate with the fam and then wen't to sleep. That's all.

Saturday I laid in the pool, hung some pictures, went to my friend's house-warming party and Billy's to see 8th Street (our friends' band).

Sunday I slept until noon, laid in the pool, and had a yummy Mexican dinner. It was the perfect weekend.

**Dawson - I finally got to start The Help this weekend. After Blackbird, I wanted to read the sequel (Still Waters). BUT I am now halfway through The Help, and I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN...I'm pretty sure this one is going to go quickly. That kind of makes me sad, I hate when good books end.


  1. Oh girl. Tell me about it. I tried to trick Wil into driving by ordering a salad (you can't drive and eat salad) while we were on a road trip while I was reading it. All I wanted to do was read it. You are going to be WAY sad when the Help ends. So Blackbird is something I should read?

  2. yes!! it's slow at first, but it defintely picks up...and Still Waters is the perfect sequel (it's just as good and picks up right where Blackbird left off)