Friday, July 24, 2009

The One With Nothing

The perfect place to veg for a weekend - anyone want to build me one?
via Home Sweet Home

Things that will DEFINITELY make it into my weekend...

- PJ's
- My parent's pool and the floats dad fished out of the basement
- Some under-a-blanket, in pj's, reading time
- Watching our friends cover songs Saturday night at Billy's on Overton
- Hanging some things on the wall's in my apartment

Things that MIGHT make it into my weekend...

- My friend's house warming party (is that this weekend or next?)
- Shopping for some cute (and marked down) flats.
- Getting a washer and dryer (although, carrying large appliances upstairs to my apartment won't be...that's reserved for the men in my life)
- Playing with my monstrosity of a camera

Things that WON'T make it into my weekend...

- Traveling anywhere, for any reason
- Cleaning
- (Hopefully) rain and temperatures over 90 degrees

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