Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The One With The Top Ten

Let me tell you something about my job - it involves food, and LOTS of it. Sometimes it's the behind the scenes things and that's gross...but sometimes is DELICIOUS. We've been shooting more food shots this week, but I've been on these shoots since my internship started 3 years ago, so here's my top ten list of things we've shot for work (ever). Get ready for a watering mouth...

Chocolate Toffee Pumpkin Torte

Outrageous Yankee Cheesecake with Citrus Glaze

Gingerbread Spoon Cake

Black and Blue Tenderloin Sandwiches

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Over Lime Butter Sauced Pasta

Savannah Strawberry Tall Cake

Linguini with Asparagus, Blue Cheese and Sauteed Walnuts

Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

Paula's Pumpkin Hummus

Grilled Vidalia Onion Steaks with a Honey Dressing

Did you notice the amount that are of desserts, and that the top three all involve massive amounts of sugar? Yum. All of these images were taken by Liesa Cole at Omni Studios (same as yesterday) - isn't she fabulous. I've been hungry ALL DAY. SO sorry Kirbs...this is all I can think about today, I would worry about it more if I thought you actually needed to be on a diet.

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  1. Can we get recipes for a few, I mean, ALL of those!
    YUM. And seriously, I want the recipes. Particularly the shrimp, black and bleu, and other meal-type things.