Friday, July 17, 2009

The One With The Baby

Remember that time I told you my boss was trying NOT to have her baby yet...well, she's having the baby. She called into work this morning to say they were being admitted to the hospital and she would be induced today or tomorrow. Right now they are just running a bunch of tests so hope for the best in that situation! So, while they've gotten past the part where it's REALLY scary, Perron is still just a little bit and will need some time in the NICU after he is born. Basically - continue with the praying. Pray for my boss and the baby - but also pray for me because OH HOLY HELL, I'm taking over far that is VERY stressful.

ALSO - remember that other time that I told you I was thinking about changing the way my blog looks...we'll count on that this weekend, I'm finally getting some time to sit down and work on it and so hopefully I'm going to get mine done as well as come up with some cute things for Dawson. I'm excited, inDesign and I are very good friends.

And I have one question. I'm not sure how many people actually read this - BUT have any of you ever lived in a place where the walls were made of plaster? I'm trying to hang some things on my walls but the picture hanger things I bought (at my father's suggestion) make part of the wall fall off. That's weird right? Any suggestions??

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  1. Thanks for the call out- I have updated the blog just for you :) love you/ miss you!