Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The One About Lunch

So - I gave up eating out for lunch during Lent. I like this plan. Hopefully it's going to make me eat a smidge healthier, and I'm 90% sure it's going to keep money from hemorrhaging out of my bank account. Let's say I spent $8 on lunch everyday, and I eat out 5 days a week (all of the work days)...then I've spent $40 a week, and $160 a month eating mainly fast food in Inverness, AL. That's nauseating. Monday I went to Target and loaded up on food for my office. We have a full blown kitchen so I could cook whatever I wanted to but I figured I would stick to the basics. I bought bread, mustard, turkey, cheese, PB&J, and apples for lunch - plus - yogurt, Special K bars, Pop-Tarts and English muffins for breakfast. I'm 100% sure I'm going to miss Chick-fil-A (or maybe Tazikis) the most, but so far so good.

I've maintained good self control for 5 whole working Tomorrow, for my JOB, I'm going to have to skip over my self-imposed hibernation during lunch and venture out to eat. A girl in my office is leaving her job so we'll be having lunch as a big group. Oops.

On another note...I've started attending a Bible study focuses on the book of John. The guy teaching is WAY smarter than me, but it's interesting.

AND, have y'all seen this today? Remember when I was talking about making myself one of these? I like how this girl did three different ones and hung them together. How cute is that!?

Anything fun going on in your life? I'm swamped at work which is fun and terrifying all at the same time. Not only are we overly busy - but this girl who is leaving? Yeah...her work has to go somewhere, and there it is...on my desk. I'm so pumped about getting to do a lot of new things and MORE things, but did I mention terrifying?

This weekend I'm babysitting for my cousin while my aunt and uncle visit her brother in Athens. I am looking forward to a desperately needed weekend of relaxation, early to bed and getting in a few chapters of the books I haven't been reading. I'm sure she'll have 8 different 10-year-old sporting events.

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  1. I love those cork boards! Thanks for sharing! I think I like the criss-crossed ones better...maybe once we're back in America and actually have a home I will actually be able to do some of the fun DIY's I'm seeing on blogs :)