Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The One With Too Many Books

Remember when I said I was going to try to read more as a New Year's resolution? Well...first step is definitely down. I started reading Dreaming in Hindi and BOY was it slow. It has pretty much zero, goose-egg, nada to do with India, Indian culture, fun things this woman is doing in India and EVERYTHING to do with learning a foreign language as an adult. Good grief. I'm hanging on to it, and I'm going to try to finish it...eventually, but for now I've picked up a few six new books at the library. Remember when I also told you I was going to start using the library? So now the table in our living room is covered in new books for me to sink my teeth into.

I finally got The Story of Edgar Sawtelle from the library. I wanted it this summer but it was NEVER in stock. The woman commented on what a great book it was at the check out desk. Score. Those are always the very best recommendations.

I also picked up That Old Magic Cape with I think I accidentally stole from someone. The librarian also commented that I was only able to check it out because it was accidentally put back on the shelf instead of held for someone. OOPS. If you're the person who thinks they should have this book, I'm very sorry. I'll let you know when I finish it.

I had reserved Miss O'Dell, which was recommended to me by Amazon.com as a result of my reading Wonderful Tonight. Wonderful Tonight tops my all-time favorites list, so we'll see how I feel about this one. Sometimes I think the people that write these books about the '60s might have fried their brains so badly that forming a coherent sentence is too difficult and should really be left to the professionals.

I also found City of Silver, Rebel Yell, and Sacred Hearts (the same author who wrote Birth of Venus, another favorite).

The librarian informed me last night that I have six weeks to read all of these books. That "after three weeks you can call us back and go ahead and renew those." Nice. Six weeks, six books. We'll see how this goes...

The one thing I can say for the library, is that according to Amazon, they saved me $96.67. Thanks library.


  1. that is a lot of books! i wondered what the hindu one was about. can't wait to hear about the others!

  2. Oh yes, the library has saved me a pretty penny, that is for sure.