Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The One About The Jersey Shore

I know you're all slightly depressed that I don't look like this in real life, and I know I am personally depressed that in order to have on this slut-tastic hoodie - I had to cover up my fake tattoo. The only one I could really even comprehend was the lovely little bracelet. Lovely? In comparison to the scorpion MTV wanted me to permanently stain on my inner thigh.

I do not understand this show, but it was kind of fun to look at all the horrific hair and the absolutely mortifying (for all human beings in the entire world) clothing options.
Link here.

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  1. omg. this is one show i am clueless about over here. thank goodness. let's hope this show doesn't cross the atlantic, i don't think it would be good for international relations. haha.