Thursday, September 17, 2009

The One For Anyone BUT Mom

Last weekend my mom bought me some pretty wonderful things at Urban Outfitters, so this is NOT directed at her, unlike the last post...just anyone else with free-flowing cash and a giving spirit.

The Top 10 Things From J.Crew I Want: The Not For Work Edition

OK, so I would wear some of this to work. I'd love this in red please.

This works with the jeans further down the list. I could also probably swing it (with a cami) for work. Multi-purpose is good.

I'm not sure where you wear a Maribou clutch - but I could find out.

The perfect jean (for this girl). A "love it - should try it on" situation.

I don't have a place to wear this - but at $2,000, I'm not buying it anyway.

Ruffles - on leather gloves.

It's cashmere, and there is a bow.

This would be great for dinner out - jeans, white shirt and there you go.

It's a great color, and HOW cute tucked into jeans with a belt like this!?

Does that make this list 11 items long?

And...I just desperately want this bag. The strap is long enough to make it a crossbody - but could still be carried on my shoulder (at least I think so...)

J.Crew is my new favorite place to fake shop. It used to be my favorite place to real shop but unfortunately I'm not in the market for expensive clothing.


On another note. My sister is coming in town today! I haven't seen her since July 4th and it's about time she get her butt back to Alabama. She hasn't seen my (much more adorable than when she left) apartment - and she's going to provide me with entertainment this weekend.

I'm sitting here contemplating delicious places to eat dinner tonight...

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