Thursday, August 27, 2009

The One For Mom

I know my mother reads this blog, and I also know she loves to go shopping, and I'm pretty sure she is trying desperately to come up with a few gifts for her only child (I think "you never get to go to college again and all of your siblings just left you" should be a gift-giving occasion), so....

Top Ten Things I Want From J.Crew This Fall: The Work Edition
which means there will be a "non-work" edition coming soon

A great grey dress for the days I feel like being dressed-up

I need a few things to dress-up jeans on Fridays

This is just pretty adorable, and could go dressed-up or dressed-down

Great "Friday jeans"

To go under sweaters, jackets and all by itself
**In every color (obviously)

This would be fun over a cute dress, and I could wear it on the weekends too

I have a few of these for spring, but I need a black and a brown
** In every color

I love this color (and ruffles)

This is the perfect skirt to go with that black jacket, or any colored turtleneck.

more ruffles, and with a plain t-shirt, I could wear this with anything.

** You can click on the image if, perhaps, you're looking for a few things to purchase me online (or...I guess if you're online shopping for yourself)

Having a job is hard - and it's ever harder if you have nothing to wear. Since it's beginning to turn chilly (right James Spann?), and we've been discussing tickets to football games, I think it's time for a work-wardrobe shopping trip. Maybe we can do that this weekend...right about the time we go on a new car shopping spree because the one I have currently is EATING gas. Or maybe my job is just too far away....

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