Thursday, August 27, 2009

The One About Nerdness

I'm about to tell you all something that I know you didn't know previously - but in the interest of entertainment (and having something to say today), I'm going to let you in on this embarrassing fact.

I am a HUGE nerd.

In case you didn't know - I have the best friends, and a few of them decided to meet me this afternoon for lunch (near my office). My friend Dawson has a baby, and is moving to London (tear) so she pretty much has a plan for now. My friend Liz on the other hand - is a dog walker and wants a real job.

And I want her to have a real job too, because let's be honest, it's annoying to be at work all day while your friends shop and bake in the sun.

We sat at lunch and talked about Liz's job hunt - at which point I got (a tad too) excited and explained that she should write a cover letter, print that and her resumé, put them in printed envelopes and mail them to everyone interesting in the phone book.

Apparently, I enjoy doing this kind of thing.

Hence the reason I just received Liz's resumé in my inbox - and am going to begin drafting a very compelling cover letter. I think this should be my new job. Why shouldn't there be someone out there to write cover letters and resumés for people, and to find places to submit these things to? Schools have career services. I would just be career services, and instead of an insane amount of tuition, you'd have to pay me a tiny (in comparison) fee.

Don't worry Liz - this is just in the works, I'm not going to make you fork over your dog-walking money for this ridiculously amazing cover letter.

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