Friday, September 18, 2009

The One With Lots of Boots

For some reason - maybe it's because I'm hoping for fall weather, but I've been shopping for fall necessities lately. I need to start a "fall clothing" account at the bank - one reserved just for shopping sprees. I'm not sure Dave Ramsey would approve.

I've been looking for great boots lately. I have two pairs of cowboy boots - one classic brown pair, and another pair (cream Frye) that my mom gave me for my birthday freshman year.

**sidenote: If you have the money - buy Frye, they're IMPOSSIBLE to destroy. My Justin's are slowly (or not so slowly) dying...but my Frye's look brand new.

I have a pair of slouchy, black suede boots from last season. I need to pull them out and make sure they're still presentable - I might have run them into the ground during Mardi Gras. They're similar to these.

But I'm really feeling incomplete without some great, brown, non-cowboy boots. I keep seeing boots that I think are wonderful - but I'm not even sure what exactly I'm looking for.

Heel, no heel?

Cognac, chocolate, tan? There's even a few I like that are closer to gray.

I would LOVE over-the-knee boots but we all know that's not REALLY going to happen.

And I am legitimately considering booties...

These are some I think might work...but I'm SO confused.

Flat Boots

Boots with Heels


OKT Boots

On another note - this is my 100th blog post, seems like a lot doesn't it? This weekend I'm just hanging out with the fam mostly, my sisters back in town from school so hopefully she'll want to go boot scouting with me. She's going to get to see my "completely" put together apartment tonight - my roommate had ordered dining room chairs MONTHS ago and they finally came in yesterday. Now that everything is headed towards finality, maybe I'll break out the camera and take some pictures of this apartment I keep talking about - just to prove it exists.

Happy Friday!

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