Monday, September 21, 2009

The One About Texas

Today begins the week the I get to go to Texas.

I'm leaving Wednesday night and I'll be there until Sunday morning.

I'm getting to hang out with my some of my very best friends, and watch one of them get married!

It's going to be bliss.

Isn't it weird that I WANTED to move back to Alabama, and I LOVE it - but I'm still beyond excited to be headed back West. I wish there was a home football game - so that we could all be dressed like this.

And I definitely plan on wearing this top mom bought me at Urban on the plane trip, probably + boots, because you just can't head to Texas without boots, and it's cold on planes.

I probably need to start making a to-do list for this weekend...I'm not planning very well, and I'm poor so I would really love to not have to check a bag. Although...that would hinder my ability to bring makeup and such. Planes annoy me.

By the time I get back I'm probably going to be so hopped up on Texanness that I'm going to be spending all of my money purchasing myself the Texas things I always wanted...

This for instance.

I also found the James Avery catalog in the mail the other day and now I want a new charm to add to my bracelet. Isn't he cute!? Don't worry - I'm not bailing completely on the South. I want him too.

My only concern with going to Texas is that I'm going to spend too much money and gain too much weight chowing down on all the food I've missed these last four months.

Pei Wei
JD's Chippery
Joe T's

It might be impossible to fit it all in.

I'm taking my camera too - obviously, I haven't been sticking by my goal to practice a lot, but I figure this weekend is a good opportunity to try.

I can't even express how excited I am.

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