Monday, September 21, 2009

The One About My TV

I have a big, pretty TV in our living room, but I keep another TV in the bedroom. This TV has a teeny-tiny screen, which apparently is good at concealing its rather large bum. It's really a monster in disguise. I need something for the TV to sit on, but I still want it to look good in my room. Right now we're working with this horror.

My problem is two-fold.

I have no money, and space is limited. I have a large cabinet on the same wall so ideally, this TV stand will carry no weight at all. I really don't want to even see it.

Unfortunately - an ugly plastic rolling cart is hard to miss.

So I've come up with a few options...

I've contemplated getting another one of these shelving units - just this time, in the 2x2 size...but those are pretty bulky. The advantage is that I would have one more place to put picture frames and books. More storage is always good.

This might work - but I would have to measure. I have two side tables that look fairly similar to this but are better looking. I wouldn't want to repeat that type of thing in another area of the room. Plus, I'm not a HUGE lover of the folded leaf - I think the fact that it was always down might annoy me.

I have no idea! I need help - professional help, but since I'm looking to spend about $100 (or A LOT less) on this thing...there probably aren't a lot of interior designers our there ready to help me.

Maybe I just need to scratch this idea entirely and use this lovely corner for something like this or this...or maybe even this. I would LOVE to have a little reading nook. I could put something like this behind the chair and be perfectly happy.

Especially since my brother never did build me that radiator cover.

On a completely separate note - I could just do this, hang it on the wall, and not worry about the TV having a place to sit.

Do y'all have any thoughts?

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