Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The One Where Anthropologie Listened To Me

I previously made a list of a bunch of things I wanted. Do you think someone at Anthropologie saw that and decided to put one of the rings on SALE!? If something you've already asked for goes on sale .... is that a sign to buy it? Sadly, I wanted the lily and it hasn't hit the markdown list yet - but the precious sea star has! I'm only ticked that Anthro doesn't see the need for me to come and try it on. Why would you not keep something so sweet in stock? (...also, why would you not keep bathing suits in stock?) Me and Anthropologie probably need to have a heart to heart - maybe if my friend Liz actually starts working for them (at which point this blog will become the complain about Liz living in Philly blog) I'll fill her in on what would make MY life easier - because isn't that the point of Anthropologie?

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