Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The One With My Wish List

Have you ever noticed that if you have NO money, you generally have lots more fun things to do and lots more fun things that you need (or want) to buy. It's really becoming a problem because I sit at work, and while a lot of the time I actually do do some work, a lot of the time I play (shop) on the internet in order to maintain my sanity. With that is my wist list. Feel free to send presents.

I'm always cold at work. Always. Don't you think this would help? It's small so I could cart it back and forth, and as much as I would LOVE to have the cashmere one, and I'm sure it would be worth it, its almost a smidge pricier.

This one is White + Warren, from Saks. This one is $88, comes in white, black. grapefruit and sand dune. The cashmere ones come in black, grey and tulle pink, and cost....WAIT FOR IT...$275. No thank you. They have more colors on White + Warren but I'm pretty sure black seems like the most logical choice. Let
's remember that I don't really even have the $88. I guess the point of a wish list is to find things you wish you could have but never could, but that would just annoy me. This is more of a "To Buy" list (or a "Buy me presents:" list).

Also, I have been admiring these things for MONTHS. I'm actually in awe of my restraint that I haven't bought one yet. They're SO SO SO not me, but they're fabulous and could really make an outfit. I'm not the type to change my jewelry, ever, but I think I might actually do it if this what what I got to change into! They're so sparkly!!These are my favorites, their all from anthropologie, and they range in price from $98 to $248. Of course my favorite, the water lily is the most expensive but the price jumps are kind of ridiculous. The little elephant is $178 and I think he's precious!! I really like the sea star too (inexpensive...) but I've never seen it in real life. I LOVE the pearl with my little sea creature. There are tons more on anthropologie, in their "flora and fauna" category. They have an owl, an iguana, a bumblebee, an octopus, a butterfly to make Mariah swoon - they're all fabulous but in my person opinion these are the most fabulous (which makes perfect sense since these are the ones I want.)

And, last but not least, the thing I've wanted since LAST summer but have never gotten up the nerve to purchase for myself...The Kindle. This thing costs $359 - that's a lot of money, that's more than an iPod. I just can't decide if I would really use it. I think I would ADORE it. You can download books from anywhere, you can read at night without the lights on (in the car while my dad is driving) and its A LOT smaller than carrying around a whole bunch of books. My question is - does it really work as well as everyone says it does, would I miss the real life book action (I did JUST sign up for a membership to the library) and WHY did this not exist when I was about 8 and wanted to read on car trips. HUGE fail Amazon. Sadly, after much thought and internet research I have still decided that this is not the best way to spend my nonexistant $359. BUT, it you happen to have that amount of money on you....go ahead.

All in all I think this is a pretty good list. I think it's frivolous and amazing and just the types of things I will never buy myself because I do not have gobs of money - but I think they're great presents, just the kind of thing a girl could get really excited about. SO. People who read this - pass the word along to my parents, I think I deserve a "you just moved out of our house" present. Don't you?


  1. get a kindle... preferably as a gift. best present i've ever received! helps you to read books quickly AND it syncs to your ipod so you can have your books anywhere, anytime!

  2. WAIT, I can read books, ON MY IPOD. Ok, now I really want one.