Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The One With My First Step To A Budget

Guess what I did today? It's VERY cheap (as in free...), it's going to save ME a ton of money in particular because I spend wads of it on this very thing, AND I did it online. Any guesses? Go here....

Yep. I signed up for a library card. Did you know that you can get online, pick out books, and THEN just swing by the library and pick them up. They'll be waiting on you at the door. Sweet. Especially sweet because I live about a mile from the library, well at least the Emmet O'Neal one - there are about 20 libraries I can check out books from if I want.

But, there would be no need...my library will go get books for me if I want them, from any of the other 20 libraries. My library is the absolute BEST.

AND. Did I mention it was free? FREE!

Hopefully I'll be able to do this - I'm trying to avoid going to Barnes and Noble to browse and buy an absurd amount of books (in hardback, because they're prettier). That can really eat into a paycheck.

So - of course after actually creating an actual budget, I think this is a good step on the money saving road of life. And I desperately need to learn to save me some money.

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