Monday, June 8, 2009

The One With My Dream Life

In my future life I will have gobs of money and a mind reader with amazing taste to decorate for me. It's going to be gorgeous, perfect and require very little effort on my part. I could live in this house tomorrow. Oh My Gosh. Since moving into an apartment (with rent I pay on my own) I've become seriously jealous of people with amazingly perfect homes. Mine consists of a few special things, hand-me-downs and everything I bought 3 years ago for college. One day I'll get to go pick things out for myself...

I know someone came and made this table look fabulous, I also know that I could do this. That is what I want for my little apartment now, and my little house in the future, to be classic, simple, approachable, warm...insert other adjectives here.

I know, for sure, that whoever lives here has the
greatest parties, the most interesting friends, and a personal chef. For this table you'd have to have amazing crab cakes or something.

The living room has such a wonderful crawl up and snuggle feeling. There isn't a (visible) TV, which I love in theory but would hate in real life. The sofas are neutral but yellow and green pops out and makes the room seem fresh and happy. The designer put this in the "beach house" category, seriously? Who can afford to make a beach house look like this? I guess people who end up in magazines.

PLUS. After you sit in your den, and before you eat your fabulous dinner, you have this lovely kitchen to work in. I mean, let's be honest, I would never need anything this fabulous because I barely know how to cook bacon without the help of the BF but how wonderful would it be to sit in this kitchen while SOMEONE ELSE made me dinner? I might even offer to do the dishes...or not.

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