Sunday, June 7, 2009

The One Where I Move

I moved into my apartment this weekend, actually slept their two whole nights! I'm back at my parent's for the week probably (there's no food in the apartment and it's further from work) but hopefully by this weekend I'll have all of my clothes moved over and the GIANT boxes of trash out of the kitchen. My roommate hasn't moved in yet but I think she's planning to next week so I'm trying to get a little bit settled before all of her things start migrating in. I painted a dresser (with mirror) and made the BF hang the curtain rods and my headboard, so it's actually starting to look halfway decent. The roomie is bringing another chair and getting a couch, we still need some shelving (which I'm hoping my mom is going to pick up on Sunday at IKEA) and a TV, but after that it'll be almost done!! I'm going to brag a little bit - this place is FABULOUS, it's in the best location ever and it's super huge. You can all come visit. Please?

My apartment - real pictures (taken by me) to come!

Anyways, that's pretty much what the week has in store for me. I need to put one more coat of paint on the mirror, and make sure I didn't accidentally let brown paint get on the mirror itself but after that it's pretty much done. My mom is a superstar and it making me curtains and a slipcover for my headboard (right now it's dark brown leather - and because I'm crazy I want it to be dark brown linen) making a cushion for the radiator cover/window seat that my brother is making me and recovering a little stool that goes with my vanity. But that'll probably be a few weeks....

On the work front, I sat here for 45 minutes while my computer refused to turn on. Eventually I just unplugged everything. You want to know why it wouldn't come on!? The dang thing was trying to open from my time machine/backerupper thing. UGH.

And my boss is out of town all week. So blogging it will be. She's been super fabulous about giving me things to do and trying to teach me how everything works, I just hope I have enough this week to keep myself occupied.

Final thought : I'm running a fever. In June? Aren't you supposed to not be sick in the summer? I'm still at work, but I feel like crap. Trying not to breath on anyone...

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