Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The One With The Best Boyfriend Ever

I'm being very specific about Day 44. I love him but there are some days where he does NOT get the best boyfriend ever award and I want to beat him up. Today is just the opposite.

Boyfriend showed up at work at lunch time and took me out to lunch at P.F. Chang's (the poor man's Pei Wei - except it actually costs more). I really needed to go to Bed Bath and Beyond because I was going to a wedding shower after work and had not gotten a gift, but he insisted we go to lunch and that he would take care of the present.

So - we had lunch and he promptly(ish) returned me to work.

Then he drove BACK down 280 to Bed Bath and Beyond where he intended to pick up what I wanted to give the bride, gift wrap it and bring it BACK to work. Unfor
tunately, the thing I picked out is an "internet only" item. So...I picked out something else. He found it (or something similar) but the specific thing she had registered for was discontinued. SO - he wandered all over the store, armed with the printed registry, comparing prices for me over the phone and FINALLY I picked something out that was in the store. He purchased, had it gift wrapped and then drove it back out to work.

He put the gift in my car and brought keys + debit card to my office.

SO SWEET. I thought that deserved a little credit here.

Fancy Dress numero uno.