Thursday, July 9, 2009

The One Where I Copy My Friends

When it comes to blogging, I am a follower. My friends from school started blogging - and I enjoyed reading about their lives, so I decided that I would try this too. Who cares if I'm just following the crowd? All of that may sound fine and dandy except ALL MY FRIENDS QUIT, and THAT is a problem. Kirbs - you're rocking a rolling out their in Hollywood and Dawson, you have a baby so that's entertaining but seriously girls...where are you!? My friend Liz actually did quit the blogginess, bummer.

But for the rest of you - am I going to have to update for you?

Cait - You have moved into a new apartment in DALLAS, and there's the whole semi-boyfriend, full-time boyfriend situation, so you should have plenty to write about. I want to know if Dallas actually lives up to that one night. Any trips to Buzzbrews - did you order nachos?

Sam - There is a new boy in your Facebook picture, who is this? How is life with Raven and Tike/what did you end up naming him? Any more news about your sleeping boss? How's the Fort without me?

Meredith - You are in Europe. I'm not even asking you to type - just post pictures (although you should have PLENTY to write about). There's at least food, and that could be a pretty significant blog post (or 4).

I love you and miss fill me in on your lives.

On the note of missing my friends. I booked my first official flight back last night. I'll be arriving Wednesday September 23rd at night, and I'll be leaving Sunday December 27th around lunch time. I made sure I was there for Thursday night on purpose. I think it is only fitting that we happy hour, and depending on how that goes (aka how much alcohol we have consumed) we should make a "I'm creepy and I graduated" trip to the cellar. Y'all better start coming up with the "Top Ten List of Things to Do Once You're a Grown-up in Fort Worth" (wait, that's depressing). Hopefully you'll at least blog about my can even just link to me when I talk about it!

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