Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The One Where I Need Photography Lessons

In the interest of following through with my goal for the summer...I'm contemplating this. I need a friend to do it with me though. I can't imagine that going to school, after work, on Tuesdays would be much fun by myself. I said that I had some pictures that were taken with my fancy camera - so, here they are. They are the only ones that haven't been taken as a result of a class project. My friend Allie and I took them on Easter weekend - after all of our friends had headed back to their Texas hometowns (she's from Kansas City). Allie is much better at the arsty portraits - I stick mainly to buildings, or people who eventually end up fuzzy, but you get the idea - and you get to see some pretty pictures of downtown Fort Worth. Me on the other hand - well I might should have brushed my hair.

The church at the top of the page is mine (left image). It's BEAUTIFUL, just as pretty inside as it is out - plus the preacher is AWESOME and they sing real hymns which is exactly the opposite of my church in Birmingham. The other picture (right) is of the Fort Worth Court House which is at the end of the main drag downtown. It makes it really hard to get out of downtown because I always circle around and come out in the Stockyards - far away from campus, oh well it's pretty to look at.

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  1. Why could we not have done this class in June?! I WISH i could come to it every Tuesday. That would be amazing. Maybe I can find one here and we can just be long-distance, guess-what-i-learned-today support.

    (and i think i'm the only commenter. i hope you don't get sick of me)