Monday, July 6, 2009

The One Where We Celebrate

This weekend I laid (lay, layed, lei??) around, got sunburned, ate delicious food and read my book...sounds pretty good doesn't it?

Friday I had no work, which was fabulous. I ate lunch with my mom and went to a friend's house to play in the pool. Afterwards we all went to Davenport's Pizza for dinner and walked to Mountain Brook Creamery for dessert - yes, I'm 5. Davenport's has the alltime best pizza - little squares, and that's pretty much it. No pasta, no bread, they do have salad! And Mountain Brook Creamery (previously Baskin-Robbins) had this ice cream that basically consisted of vanilla with chunks of 6 or 7 different candy bars. Delicious...and really good for me I'm sure. We watched American Psycho after that - I'm not discussing that. Creepy creepy movie - don't see it. It's not really horror - more like psychodrama (is that a word?) - it REALLY makes you appreciate being a normal human being.

Saturday we headed out to Smyre with some good family friends (the roomie) and I decided not to reapply sunscreen, so that was fun. I ate out there and then headed back into town for fireworks and dessert at a friends house (who, lucky for us, lives on the golf course - the best place to watch Birmingham's fireworks). It was a pretty low key day which was perfect in my opinion - the Fourth of July was made for relaxing.

Yesterday was Dad's birthday. We cooked filet's, baked potatoes, salad and the best dessert (Strawberry Shortcake) you've ever eaten. It's here, sort of - this is pretty much the same thing but the one I used came out of a cookbook (we used milk and it was still delicious).

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