Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The One For The Engagement Shin-Dig

One of my very best friends is getting married in February (not to be confused with my very best friend who is getting married in July - wooo hooo) so we're throwing a small get together this Saturday night. It's going to be tons of fun to get together with people I haven't seen in a while - and people who are brand new to me! Plus - it will be the first party in the new house. It's been great incentive to get our butts in gear and make it look like a legitimate place to be living.

In honor of this occasion, and the fact that I haven't blogged in about 100 are a few of the things I'm hoping to include in the party planning for this weekend.

Beautiful (and simple) floral arrangements, with burlap (is that burlap?) tablecloths. Lucky for me, my mom works at our church and is letting me tap into the chairs and tables that live there.

image from skillenlauren
Twinkle lights in trees and around the fence in our backyard. Pure magic.

image by :MPG:
Some sort of delicious sangria, margarita type thing. Something that can go in my new drink dispenser, which is not actually this gorgeous one from Pottery Barn and cost me $20 at Home Goods, maybe in my next life...

We're serving barbecue and my mom has offered to let us use her really pretty pottery as serving pieces. Score. Friends - we're going to have to take care of these!

For dessert, I'm thinking something cold and delicious. Mainly because it's been hot as blue blazes around here lately. My office door fogs up in the afternoon from all of the humidity. It's gross. Maybe something like this, or maybe this, and then this showed up in my email...YUM.

Either way, the whole night is sure to be tons of fun!!

Now...I just need to start making a playlist that will last all night. No repeats. Any suggestions?

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