Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The One About "Sleep & Lounge" at Anthropologie

One of the blogs I read, Pearls of Wit (who is very funny), wrote a post on this very topic just a few short years ago. Years. Wow. Time flies.

Anyways - I've seen many things on the Anthropologie Sleep & Lounge page that I wouldn't necessarily call pajamas but recently it's just gotten a little bit ridiculous.

I'm certainly not complaining - I mean, they can't very well charge you $200 for pajama pants - but REALLY.

Last week I bought seersucker pants. Drawstring, yes. High wasted, yes. Pajamas, yes. Technically.

Well, I wore them to work the next day (without the cuffs rolled and with really high wedges), and what do you know ... compliments galore.

They've now made their way into a select list of wardrobe items that get worn once a week - black dress from Gap, blue polka dot dress from Banana Republic, red dress from NY&Co. (until I shrunk it up and it's a smidge on the short side) - these pant are in good company.

The things I love most in my closet are the things that look work appropriate on the outside, but are comfortable enough in real life that I don't actually HAVE to change clothes right at 5PM if I don't want to. Sitting at a desk all day in a fitted skirt, or dress pants, or anything that involves Spanx is just not ok. Now, shoes are a whole 'nother story...but I refuse to worry about that. I like pretty shoes, who cares if they're comfortable.

Anthropologie also thinks this is a night shirt. Personally, my night shirts are giant t-shirts. T-shirts with holes, t-shirts with iron-on baseball numbers peeling off the back, t-shirts with bleach spots. All t-shirts. Nothing silky. Specifically, nothing this pretty. And it is REALLY pretty. I tried it on but unfortunately they were out of my size in the pretty purple, and my skin tone doesn't work well with mauve.

Other strange additions to the less-expensive, more pajamaesque area of Anthropologie...

Grand Pixels Chemise (looks awfully like a sundress to me)
Veranda Hoodie
Blushing Bow Top
Nell Tank
Whichaway Chemise (maybe it's see-thru, but from here it looks like a perfectly good dress, that might need a slip)

I think Anthropologie just needs to switch their "Sleep & Lounge" tab to say, "For When You're Not Wearing Heels."

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