Friday, June 11, 2010

The One About The Silence

Remember when I was moving into a new house?

There is no internet in the new house.

It's become a problem.

Whenever the internet gets going, I might write a half-way legitimate blog post, but until then...

this is all you get.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Five Things I Meant to Tell You

1. I went to Vegas, but haven't uploaded any pictures (see previous statement about the internet). A post about Vegas wouldn't be very entertaining without pictures.
2. This weekend I'm going to a wedding in Mississippi. There will be 46 people in the wedding party (that doesn't count the bride and groom, ministers or children).
3. My parents are at the beach for a week. I'm a little ticked I wasn't invited along...not that I can take anymore vacation.
4. My friends have the most insanely fun lives. I've got one planning a wedding, and one planning on a baby!
5. My eye has been twitching for AT LEAST two weeks. Is that normal?

Have a happy weekend!

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