Thursday, June 3, 2010

The One About Everything

Brace yourself for a very convoluted post. Sorry in advance.

First and foremost, one big huge apology for the radio silence this week and last. Last week I had a pretty good excuse, which we'll get to in a minute - but this week there is none...other than that three-day-weekend thing.


Last week, my best friend's boyfriend called to inform me that he would be PROPOSING to her over Memorial Day weekend. That's a good reason to not be blogging, right? Basically - I couldn't come up with anything to say that didn't involve my best friend GETTING MARRIED!

I'm finally leaving on my girls trip to Vegas tomorrow - I know y'all are excited to not have to hear about it anymore. I'll hopefully have loads to tell you when I get back. Twelve girls all in Vegas together - I literally CANNOT WAIT. I'm going to spend all weekend laying by the pool, eating (and drinking) deliciousness and spending time with some of my favorite people in the whole world. People I haven't seen in MONTHS.

Have y'all been over to The Brightside Project lately? It's so much fun to look through all the fun things people are loving (and giving away).

Also, I signed up for Pinterest. It's pretty amazing. Similar to ffffound, only better (and prettier). It's been so much fun to play with...and now I won't forget where I saw things.

We were at Paul's house last night (previously mentioned, newly engaged) and one of the guys brought his brand new silver lab puppy. OH MY WORD. He was so adorable - and named Ernest. I kind of want one right now.

AND - My little sister moved up to New York for the summer this morning.

Ok - I think that is all.

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