Monday, March 29, 2010

The One About My Hair

The best part of this whole week (with the obvious exception of my birthday) is that I get the day off on Friday! Thursday is my actual birthday, but won't it be nice to sleep in Friday morning? I'm planning on a manicure and pedicure (I'm very overdue in using a gift certificate my aunt gave me for LAST YEAR's birthday), getting my hair done and most importantly - dressing up like Max from Where the Wild Things Are to be the celebrity reader in my roommates Kindergarten classroom.

But back to the fact that I'm having my hair done on Friday. When I moved to Texas I found someone I loved, but now that I'm in Alabama I've been hopping around a lot - and haven't found anything I really love (or more importantly, can afford). The girl I'm going to this round is at Hopson James which I've heard great things about, including rave reviews from the roomie.

I'm trying to decide on color. For awhile I was a little bit red, that wasn't awesome. Then I was SUPER dark - really really NOT awesome, especially looking back at it. Right now I'm a little bit blonder than I really want to be. I really have no idea.

I also, apparently, don't know how to describe what I want - so this round I'm going to bring in pictures.

So far I like Emma Watson (she's a smidge browner than my current self in these Burberry pictures, which I like).

Or possibly Ellen Pompeo?

I also LOVE Olivia Wilde

Hopefully the girl who is going to be doing this will have some sort of opinion. Do you have any. Thoughts and opinions I mean? I'm also cutting it, so I need ideas for that too.

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  1. ooo i love those. Olivia Wilde is one of my favs as i watch House every week -- and i've noticed how i LOVE her hair. oh if i colored my hair....