Monday, February 1, 2010

The One With Motorcycles

You know those giant cage-balls that they put motorcycles in at the circus? You know how they drive really fast and spin around a lot? You know how there are 4 or 5 riders in that tiny little ball? We went to the circus Saturday night and they crashed. I'll admit, I thought it was some sort of circus trick at first but I changed my mind when they started throwing around kitty litter to soak up the gas that was spilling out of one of the bikes. Then I got a little bit freaked out. They got everyone out, and the ringmaster said that the two who were hurt were getting the best medical help Ringling can buy. Which is probably pretty good. They had to be carried out like babies, but they were waving and what-not so I guess they're probably fine. I HOPE SO. What do you think circus workman's comp is like?

I have pictures of the circus so I'll try to get those up sometime in the near future. Although, I definitely just said TRY.

On another note - we saw Rollin' in the Hay Friday night and they were great, but first we had dinner at Fuego in Five Points and it was absolutely delicious. I thought is was going to be a nice expensive Mexican restaurant (Cocina Superior-esque) and I was mistaken. The food was delicious and the margaritas will put you on your butt - but it was very reasonably priced!

Less expensive than Zona Rosa, Dad.

It was definitely not typical Mexican though. There were no enchiladas, or chimichangas. Lots of tacos and taco salads and dips and things. Closer to a Cantina that anything else. My fish taco was excellent!

So for those of you in the Birmingham area - go try it.

Sunday was pretty uneventful. I finished my book, so I've started another one. One down, five to go. I ordered Chinese and watched the Grammy's at home...more on that later.


  1. speaking of the circus...did you ever read water for elephants? i'm pretty sure you did, and that i read it because i saw you did. the motorcycle thing made me think of that.
    maybe in a couple years we will all go to the circus together and take wiley!
    love you!

  2. I did and I loved it. The elephant man spoke Spanish at the circus and I kept thinking about how their elephant could only understand Polish!