Monday, February 1, 2010

The One About The Grammy's

Dave Matthews - why did you not win Album of the Year. Taylor Swift - why DID you win Album of the Year. Now I do know that the votes are over and done with before the Grammy's actually start...but did you HEAR Taylor Swift. Ouch.

I thought the Lady Gaga + Elton John performance was fantastic, he was probably LOVING the face paint and excessive sequins. Sadly, Taylor Swift was definitely the low point for performers (unless I'm forgetting something pretty heinous). Of course Dave Matthews was so wonderful I added him to my iTunes this morning.

On another note - WHAT was everyone wearing last night. They either looked completely ridiculous, or just
downright boring. I mean, I love a pretty dress as much as the next person - but it's the GRAMMY'S people, not the Golden Globes. Why was there no color? Mary J. Blige looked gorgeous in fuschia, Fergie came in bright blue and Jennifer Nettles wore hot pink - but that was about it. Unless you count Lady Gaga's performance outfit (GOOD GRIEF), Snooki's bright purple, or Shaila Durcal's...whatever that is.

Everything else was black, cream, silver, NEUTRAL. I'm not going to pick best and worst dressed (mainly because I don't care and you don't either) but I will say that if I got to go to the Grammy's I wouldn't be wearing basic black - not to mention very revealing black, amazingly heinous, skanky and beyond ugly black - or even brown.

Lea Michele actually did look cute, especially compared to that time you looked like a 35-year-old woman - but I've seen people wear more interesting things to my sorority's formal.


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