Friday, January 8, 2010

The One About Our Kitchen

The roommate and I are trying to figure out something fun to do (inexpensively) that would liven up our kitchen a little bit. We've run through everything from painting (thank you to me for choosing the most time-consuming, least practical idea), to blowing up photographs, to buying one of those giant pieces of "art" from Home Goods and hanging it on the wall.

Our problem is really many-fold. Our walls are plaster and therefore IMPOSSIBLE to hang things on. It can happen, but it involves a strong guy, an even stronger drill and a little prayer that pieces of my wall aren't going to come crumbling off. Also, our kitchen is really dark - so we're definitely looking for something fun, but not too overpowering. And our kitchen is also our laundry room...which means the wall in question is a really large blank space that spans over the toaster oven/island situation, the stove and the dryer. We're not looking for anything that we'd be upset if it happened to get steamy, or rattled right off the wall.

I want to do something really simple and graphic - probably in a group. I've seen a few things I like around the internet, but I think I have a better idea. And no...I'm not going to try to paint something myself.

I absolutely LOVE these, but at almost $60 a pop, that's a little more than I wanted to spend.

So...I think my roommate and I both like something like this.

It's definitely basic, and costs a LOT more than we're really thinking we're going to spend...but don't you think I could recreate this? Not only do I think I could paint these pretty easily with some good brushes and a roll of painters tape...but - my roommate had an even better, and simpler idea. How about simple frames (black, silver, etc.) with mats, and using some spray mount...woudn't it be so simple to paste pieces of fabric inside the frames? It would probably take all of an hour (if I'm slow) and we'd wind up with something pretty, useful, simple and not so pricey.
I think I'm going to give it a shot this weekend and see how it goes. I guess the first stop is the fabric store...if I can't find anything I like, I'll be hard pressed to make it look good in the end. What are your thoughts?

Doesn't this look so simple and happy!? We need a little happy in our kitchen. Our kitchen is dull and white.

Also, on a totally different note. I'm looking for some antique bottles. Does anyone know where you go to pick those up?

And click on that first image to go purchase these for yourself...if you lucky enough to have a great place to put them and a few extra dollar bills y'all lying around.

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  1. such a great idea! i thought about doing that (still am maybe) for our den where we have massive white empty walls. maybe king cotton will have some fabric scraps even that might be really cheap? if so, maybe you could do different sized frames. would that look bad? let me know how it works out, i might be copying you!