Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The One About My Trip

I flew in from Phoenix (via Vegas) very late last night. After leaving 70 degree sunshine and arriving in 12 degree darkness - accompanied by three hundred 6-year-olds who all wanted to let me know how uncomfortable they were in the plane - I was exhausted to say the very least. After a night full of zero sleep (thank you crazy radiator-induced noise) I got ready for a half-day back at work. I've been a little bit out of the loop. Thursday, Friday, Monday off for Christmas. Thursday, Friday off for New Year's. Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday off for bowl game festivities. Maybe out of the loop was an understatement. Lucky for me my job is completely wrapped up in the internet, and being able to check email is a HUGE plus for me on vacation. This way I don't feel like I'm totally out of it.

I'm sticking around Birmingham for awhile - gearing up for weddings galore, and attempting to not spend anymore money for awhile. Luckily my parents (at least pretend to) enjoy my company and don't hesitate to let me eat with them.

But back to my trip...we lost. It was sad. But in the process of seeing TCU in the Fiesta Bowl, I got to hang out with a few of my very favorite people in the whole universe.

I also got to...

dance in the MOST FUN bar in Phoenix (Sunday night for 80's cover band) called Martini Ranch
experience the most ridiculous group of Arizonian's in Dirty Pretty (if you have on a cardigan of any kind, or are uncomfortable with PDA...STEER CLEAR)
eat at Pei Wei
experience the skillet cornbread at Bandera's (DELICIOUS)
foster my new hatred for Idaho, with the exception of potatoes
drink a VERY sweet drink from a massive clam shell bowl (don't worry - I had help)
and be wonderfully warm for a few days

all in all it was TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY worth the money. Next year when we're back at the Fiesta Bowl for the National Championship, I'll be much more prepared regarding Scottsdale's night life.

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