Thursday, December 10, 2009

The One About Gifts Given To Your BFF

from Smith & Hawken

I figured, since I am a genius when it comes to gift-giving and everyone I've ever given a gift to has absolutely loved it and still calls it their favorite gift ever - to this day, I should make a list for all my many millions of blog readers to reference.

Can you hear the sarcasm?

I can say though - with a fair amount of certainty that I online shop more than most people - and although it is generally a detriment to my bank's about to come in very handy for you!

So, if you are planning to buy your very best friend a gift this year these are a few things floating around the internet that just might allow you to keep the BFF title until next Christmas.

This is pretty much genius, and perfect for a friend who is very indecisive (or if you're indecisive). You go into Sephora and buy this handy little package for $50. When your friend opens the box she can test all of the best-selling Sephora fragrances and THEN, when she's picked one (after weeks of contemplation), she just goes back to Sephora and picks up her brand new bottle of perfume. Genius. Not only does your friend have new perfume, which she picked out herself, but she also has loads of mini sample sized bottle which are the PERFECT thing to carry around in her purse. The anecdote to nasty-cigarette bar smell after a night out with the girls.

You're aware that I love Gadabout, so go out and get your friends some notecards. They have so many different styles, it's a one-stop-shop for all the girls.

I'm also obsessed with all things letterpressed. I think this is absolutely ridiculous. A city, all planned out in the vertical? Amazing. It's also a pretty large piece for the price so those of us who live in apartments with lots of walls and don't have the cash-money to fill those walls with original art ... well, there you are.

I also think this would be such a fun surprise to receive all wrapped up in pretty J.Crew wrapping, I am definitely not one to spend a fortune on costume jewelry (and neither are my friends) but it's so much fun to have a few great pieces. I'm a firm believer in buying people gifts you know they will love, but would never buy for themselves. It's always more fun that way!

Another fun idea? Pool all of the money you were planning on spending on your best group of girls and buy one big something. A session with a great photographer...wouldn't it be nice to have some professional images of those people you care most about? You could even wrap up a cute picture frame for each girl as a way of announcing the surprise. You could also splurge on a hotel room for a night. You can either go the - hotel downtown for a night of bar-hopping route, or a hotel with big fluffy down comforters for a night of pizza, cider and movies.

And, if you are a recent graduate (like me and my friends,) fun home gifts are always nice. I would never go out and buy this for myself - but isn't it adorable. Now that I might actually have a tailgate party (i.e. have been rudely removed from college and no longer tailgate AT the game) it could come in handy. And on a less football-related note, these and these would be adorable gift for girlfriends.

Oh - and for those of your friends who are constantly doodling, or writing down small thoughts...wouldn't this be wonderful. Easy to keep track of, and easy to keep up with. Precious covers too!

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