Friday, December 4, 2009

The One About Gadabout

I've done one giveaway on this blog, and that was fun - but there are people out there in the universe that do them ALL THE TIME. Jealous. This giveaway at High-Heeled Foot In The Door is so freaking cute I decided to share it with y'all (and I get to enter one more time because I'm blogging about it, in the interest of full-disclosure). Y'all - this stuff is CUTE. The company (Gadabout Paper) makes an entire series that involves the most adorable drawings of women in great dresses - and the best part is the names of the designs. I mean, "Life Starts All Over Again When It Gets Crisp In The Fall" - HOW CUTE IS THAT!? They do other cute things too...

Hanna Brooks Nation is a genius, apparently. And really cute and now I want her to be my friend.

So - in the interest of giving (virtually...), I've picked out some pretty fun things for my friends.

Like this for Liz...when her dog-walking business goes gangbusters she can whip these out to write down "Sue- precious little Fluffy needs more dog food, and could you please throw in a couple extra benjamins with that next check? Thanks - Liz, Dog Walking Extraordinaire"

...and, if you continue to work at Flower, you can have these too. If you land this other job though, I'll have to find you some Birmingham-skyline themed notecards to write to all the people helping you plan our gala.

And these for Sara Emily, because I can honestly picture her sitting down to write thank you notes at a desk that looks like this, and I'm pretty sure she has that tote bag. Or maybe she want's something a little simpler. She likes simple. I think these would work.

And Dawson can have these, because she's the only person I know who consistently wears pearls and looks fabulous doing it. And, remember when I said the titles were FABULOUS, well this set is called - "The Jewelry He Gives You," and I know a certain "He" who should be giving her some jewelry in about 21 days. Plus, she needs a little reminder of what a wonderful place Alabama is. On that note, maybe she should get a set of these too.

And Kirbie should get these, because she's the only person who gets to wear a bathing suit (almost) all year 'round. Jealous. Maybe we can get Gadabout to draw some cowboy boots on your feet....

And Mary Knox can have these, because she's from South Carolina and LOVES it. She can use these to write thank you notes to all of those people over there when she comes to visit. Or, maybe she should write ME a thank you note - and come visit Birmingham.

Oh - and me. I guess I should get presents too. I like these, and these and these. I'm not picky - pretty much anything will do. This shop is so unbelievably cute, and they even have Christmas notecards too!

So run over to Gadabout and pick up some notecards, and run over to High-Heeled Foot in the Door and enter the giveaway (but if you win I will beat you up, in the interest of full-disclosure).


  1. so cute! i will take both pearls and cotton. how do you find such fabulous stuff?! oh and i've decided that we (our friends) are opening a store in about a year and a half. liz will do vintage clothes, emmy can do stationary, and we can do some cute home-y pretty things. maybe we will open a clinic in the back for tay and liz?

  2. UHM, i LOVE these!! And also - can our store have art and antiques too?? We'd have so much fun!

    PS - i seriously would buy that desk in a heart beat.

  3. Oh yes please! We can bribe mom's to come shop by promising a quick stop in to see the nurse and a red lollipop to tide over there wiggly child.

  4. great plan! yes to antiques and art! oh this will be great fun.