Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The One About How I'm Hemorrhaging Money

This next month is going to be the most fun (read: most expensive) month of my whole lifetime. Yes - that's probably an exaggeration, oh lord I hope so, but seriously. I'm beyond excited, because there are some really fun things coming up. Parties and trips, and lots and lots of time to hang out with friends (including a few of those who live in Texas), and a couple of weddings...are all making this time of year my absolute favorite.

My friends and I are throwing a party.

I do not want to talk about the fact that the invitations have not gone out yet, they haven't - who cares if the party is only 10 days away.

Last night I printed the invitations, and whole punched and be-ribboned. And they need to be addressed and stamped tonight. The mailman needs to have these things tomorrow. Absolutely, no later than tomorrow. These things are going out.

The list goes on and on. We're going to have to feed these people, and get these people semi-intoxicated, and my apartment needs to look PHENOMENAL...which is all going to cost some dollars, so if you have any genius ideas for cutting costs you just let me know. I'll be hitting up Martha Stewart like it's my job.

I've been working on the apartment part this weekend. I have a fabulous wreath on my back door - complete with a really pretty, fluffy red bow. And I actually did make these and if I do say so myself...they're GORGEOUS. I made three, one for each window, and they're all hung at different heights. I guess I should take a picture of those....hm, I'll get back to you on that.

Now we just need a Christmas tree (on the list for this weekend), some lights, ornaments to go on the tree, stocking holders, STOCKINGS, some presents wrapped up and underneath the tree, some pretty serving pieces for the food we're going to be feeding the people at this party...

I'm getting overwhelmed.

Also, I'm going to Nashville for New Year's Eve.

Then I leave for Phoenix on the 2nd for our bowl game. The Fiesta Bowl. Did you hear that TCU is in the Fiesta Bowl? We are, and I'm going!!

So I have been working on booking a plane flight, and a hotel. ...and maybe I've been perusing the internet for a cute new purple outfit?

Oh, and totally unrelated (and definitely not fun)...I have to replace my cell phone apparently, and I need to get my hair colored, and it would be really nice to pay rent for January.

I probably need a raise, but also some days off - because I'm going to need a nap too.

And I'm starting to worry about buying Christmas gifts (for friends, and work, and family). I would really love to pick out exactly the perfect thing for each person...but does that ever really happen? And you want to hear something depressing funny? I have everyone listed out in an Excel document so that I can keep track of what I'm giving, and if I've bought it, and what I still need to be looking for, and how much I spent on it. EXCEL. That's a very grown-up thing to do, and I'm not sure I want to be a grown-up.

But the fun things totally outweigh the stressful things...like going to Phoenix with some of my very best friends in the whole wide world, and Nashville with some of my other best friends, and Madison to see my family, and our small party is going to be fun, and we're having a work party.

And reps have been sending cookies to the office.

So all in all, Christmas is fun, but it might be more fun if Santa's elves had access to the U.S. Mint and could print me some new money...

So, that's what I'll be up to the next couple of weeks. Also, I'm planning on putting together a small list of ideas for Christmas gifts. Ideas for your best friend, or your parents, or your siblings - but to all of those people, don't worry - you won't be seeing your present on my list. I'm keeping those ideas to myself. Otherwise, my mother would start guessing now...and I'm not sure I could keep things a secret until Christmas.

Be looking for that, along with the usual ramblings.

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  1. hi! check out tjmaxx, marshalls, and tuesday morning for christmas decor/ornaments etc. i was at our tjmaxx here (tkmaxx is what they call it) and they had the cutest christmas stuff for like 4 GBP. i know we are in different countries but love those stores for budget shopping. can't wait to hear more about your party! the walnut decorations are so pretty, too! i'm impressed!