Friday, December 11, 2009

The One About Christmas Parties

I'm headed out to my company's Christmas party in about 3 hours and I am PUMPED. It's at a delicious restaurant and I get to wear the most fabulous dress. Seriously...very excited!!

Then, this weekend I'm going to be decorating and planning for the fabulous Christmas cocktails party that my friends and I are throwing next week.

And when I get done doing that I'm going to see these guys play at Billy's.

Sounds like a good weekend huh?

Y'all have a happy one too!

P.S. Plane ticket purchased, hotel rooms booked, game tickets reserved, and party bus in the works...Phoenix is officially happening and I'm beyond excited. I miss these people.


  1. invitation is SO cute. did you make it!? how did you print them?

  2. I DID! At Kinkos, and then they cut them for me. Apparently, they can also hole-punch but I didn't realize that until post ribbon tying.