Monday, November 16, 2009

The One About Voting

I hope everyone's weekend was wonderful. Mine was...

Image from here. By Matt Coffelt

image from here. By Jim Hipple.

But enough about football...

I just spent more time than I care to admit voting for the People's Choice Awards. I don't know why...I guess it's interesting. I'm less concerned about the actual awards and more hopeful that the shows/actors that I like will win.
Does it feel like more shows end up cancelled than actually stick around? Maybe it's just a lot of shows that I personally watched, but I feel like I have pretty good taste in television. It's not like I was pinning all of my hopes and dreams on The Ex List.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Dirty Sexy Money

The Black Donnellys

Pushing Daisies

October Road

Samantha Who?


The Starter Wife

And if we really want to get into then we should probably talk about Everwood and way back in the day, Gilmore Girls.

Anyway, back to the point...y'all should all go vote for The People's Choice Awards. I figure if my shows win, then the big bad money-making machines can't cancel them.

My personal favorites? So You Think You Can Dance (obviously), Big Bang Theory (all-time funniest show ever, both the show and Sheldon are up for awards), Mariska Hargitay for Favorite Actress in a Drama, and The Good Wife, Accidentally On Purpose, Glee and Modern Family (you'll have to vote a lot because those last three are in the same category).

So - go vote. I'm sure if you're reading this blog you're running out of things to do on the internet anyway.

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