Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The One About Fake World

This weekend we all went down to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama v. LSU game. Tuscaloosa is the absolute best place to pretend to be in college again. We stayed out late and then woke up early to tailgate and then (along with a lot of other people) watched the game from Gallette's. There were yellow hammers, and lots of red, and a couple of would-be bar fights. I actually said Roll Tide a few times, which I know my dad would have something to say about...oops. I'll try to make up for it with plenty of Go Dawgs! in Athens this weekend.

I got to hang out with a few of my very best friends - some of whom drove in from far away places just for the occasion. Tuscaloosa really is one of the absolute best ways to spend a weekend away from home. The only disappointment of the entire weekend was that I never once ate Pita Pit.

In some ways I'm excited for football season to be over (just the fact that I could really use a weekend home to pick up my apartment) but in most ways, it's going to be completely depressing. Alabama is doing well this year, which makes all of my friends happy and TCU is rockin' out all over the place, which makes me happy. The only downside to this entire season is that Georgia looks like a high school football team. Oh, and that Florida is winning. Which is not good.

This weekend my family is headed to Athens for the Georgia-Auburn game. My brother (who actually attends Auburn) isn't coming because of pledgeship but my little sister is throwing a party for her upcoming 21st birthday...upcoming, as in she's 20. Oh well. Technicalities.

Either way, I'm excited about one more weekend of football. And I'm excited about Athens.

I'm pretty sure I would be more excited if I was headed to Fort Worth, but three plane flights in a semester is an awful lot. Last time TCU was playing in the ESPN Game Day game - this happened. Hopefully we'll all still be happy campers come Sunday.

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