Friday, October 9, 2009

The One For My Braver Self

It's Friday, and I'm so incredibly ready for the weekend. I have a massive to-do list including hanging things in my apartment, rearranging my room (and bookshelves) a bit, cleaning, and doing a LOT of laundry. I'm also hoping to hang out with friends and enjoy a relaxing weekend - since last weekend I spent the majority of my time with 15-year-olds (not that it wasn't wonderful). And since it's's my outfit. If only I actually owned any of this.

If I were brave...
I absolutely adore this skirt and I think it could go multiple ways - a white tank and black pumps for a look that's simple and classic, a pale pink chiffon top with nude pumps and pearls for a innocent, fresh look - or, by adding leather and gold to this feathered creation it makes it a little bit more "rock 'n' roll." This is the kind of outfit I dream of being able to wear, but I'm just not sure I could ever pull it off. Maybe if I had the money to afford this get-up, I wouldn't worry about how often I would have the opportunity to wear it. I'd wear the jacket unzipped, and the tights and booties would really allow the skirt to take center stage. I thought this whole outfit might end up a little dark - so I added a hot pink silk top - I guess there's the girly to go with mounds of feathers. Gold accessories pick up the trim on the skirt, without being over powering. A simple chain, simple studs, simple shoulder bag, simple gold and black ring - noticing a pattern? The thing about Polyvore is this...yes, I think this outfit is adorable, but you could never really be sure until you try it on. I guess that's why I love Polyvore - the chances of me ever locating this exact outfit and trying it out together? Nil.

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