Friday, October 9, 2009

The One About Kate Spade

Kate Spade makes jewelry....?


AND - it's gorgeous.

This locket, shaped like a nut, opens up to reveal a tiny squirrel.

How adorable.

And these classic earrings are so simple that I could wear them everyday. That's great, because I'm HORRIBLE about switching out jewelry - it just never even occurs to me.

A simple gold cuff with a girly addition would add interest to any outfit.

These are the perfect going-out earrings. They'd work with a ball gown (if I ever had the need for a ball gown) or just to dress up a t-shirt and jeans at night. These are so pretty I might actually think to wear them. all time favorite. This might have to make it's way to my wrist soon. My everyday wrist full of jewelry is silver now (watch, charm bracelet, 21st birthday present), but I think I could add a hint of gold and get away with it. It might even make me feel better about wearing gold earrings.

Have a happy weekend.

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