Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The One With The Chill (via Anthropologie)

from here. Don't you wish you lived here? Me too.

It's cold here!

I still haven't gotten out my winter clothing (mainly because that involves cleaning and organizing) so every morning I wake up and try to figure out how to stay warm in summer clothes - it's not going well.

I buy too much. I know this. I also know that means that this unpacking of all things winter is going to involve Goodwill bags, and trying a lot of things on - something I DO NOT want to do.

Maybe I should just go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe.

I saw this, this, this, this (so cute with black flats and tights, or brown boots and tights) and these. Oh, and these - which I'm DYING to have on my feet - showed up in the catalog yesterday. In what universe do I skip out on the boots that have a bow on the back?

And...there is always this, when I finally book my plane flight back to Texas for Halloween/Homecoming. Or this, even though it's not purple.

PLUS, my friend Liz called yesterday to inform me of this little gem, and it's worked its way all the way to the top of my fall wardrobe's wish list. At least I think this is what she was referring to.

And then there is this - which I definitely do not need, but it's just so pretty for a winter party dress. Let's think...where might I need to go in a cocktail dress?

I just need to stop decorating my apartment for Halloween (more on that later) and get my clothing situation organized. Maybe I'll do that tonight...

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