Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The One About Vacation

I am leaving for Fort Worth tonight, and will either be there or on a plane until Sunday afternoon.

In case you're board while I'm gone...another list of wonderful bloggers.

Pink India Ink

Greedy Girl

Little Green Notebook


Orange Beautiful

Jordan Ferney: Oh Happy Day!

The City Sage

Oh Joy!

Elements of Style

I Suwannee

and A Hungry Bear for yummy foodness.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend (be it 2 days or 4) as much as I'm going to. I'll be taking lots of pictures, so get excited for that...and maybe I'll even attempt to blog along the way. And ditto the other post similar to this one - I'll be sure to get these in the sidebar at some point. GOSH! I'm going to have a long sidebar if I keep doing this.

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