Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The One With The Colorful Books

If you ever read this blog then you know that I really
really like to read. Not only do I like to read but I also just like books in general. It's pretty obvious I get that from my parents...they have piles and piles (I mean piles literally) of books in our house. Most of those piles were actually piles of boxes up until recently. Lucky for me, I have loads of shelves in the living room of my apartment, and they're pretty full - but they still look pretty unorganized. At least unorganized compared to these.

I've seen this done all over the internet recently and I'm sure those people didn't go out and buy colored books for the occasion (although...maybe they did), but I am not. The only thing that I don't like about this is the temptation to remove the jacket. I'm thinking of giving it a try though. The shelves I have are all black so I think the juxtaposition of color would be pretty cool in our sparse little living room. It would also be good to add some visual interest (other than our curtains) in the space. Speaking of - maybe I should post some pictures of my apartment, I guess a few of you haven't actually seen it in real person. So far we don't have much on the walls and our furniture is pretty neutral, naturally. I'm planning on having a poster framed soon though! Ah...a little inexpensive artwork never hurt anyone. PLUS - it would (hopefully) be a big change, and I wouldn't have spent any money on it! I'm going to try to get that together this weekend...although so far this one is turning out to be pretty jam-packed.

STOP. Can't start thinking about the weekend yet...

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